Not something you see every day…

I’m probably somewhere in Lancaster County right now. Will be back online in a couple days.  In the meantime I thought you might enjoy this photo I came across.

I tried to think of a caption to go with this but came up blank.  All I know is that this is from a New York Amish settlement.  Not exactly sure what is going on here:

amish buggy airplane

Photo credit: Dick Jensen

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    1. Richard Stevick

      How about “Plane and Simple.” Sorry. Rich Stevick

    2. Marilyn

      …pondering other means of travel!!!

    3. loretta

      “We’ll pack up and go as soon as we find the children’s toys.”

    4. Alice Aber

      Erik, you are right, that does look like NY state. Maybe a flea market. If that plane is radio control maybe someone landed it on there just so they could take the picture? Cute thoughts everyone!

      Interesting picture no matter how you look at it, LOL.

      Miss you Erik, be safe in your travels!!

      Blessings, Alice

    5. Osiah Horst

      It looks to me like a vendor at a Farmers’ Market or a roadside baking/produce stand. Can’t explain the toy airplane on the roof of the buggy, unless she is having a yard sale/flea market. It looks as though she had some things covered with a tarp in front of her. She must have her display covered at night and is just getting set up again in the morning. How about “Roadside Vendor”.

    6. Richard

      Hey Erik, glad you made in to my neck of the woods to Lancaster.Im not sure if you know but we have a warming trend this week, with temps mostly in the 50s and even they say will hit 60 degrees here on fri. So for at least the month of feb you came at the right time. I’m sure you will be eating mostly with your Amish host, but if your in Intercourse and you want a nice meal maybe check-out the Village restaurant connected to the best western hotel in town. The movie Witness was filmed on that street, and i believe the Amish buggy in front was one of the buggies used in the film. I’m sure you will try and avoid route 30 at all cost,lol, well its not that bad but its not that good either. The tourist are starting to trickle in from local states like New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, so some roads are little busy at times. Enjoy your stay here and i hope your able to check-in with us from time to time. Richard from Pennsylvania.

    7. Richard

      Sorry for the awkward first sentence folks, sometimes for some reason the site does not take my post, and i have to write a second one, and im in a rush. I’m off for the day and ill pop on later. Richard, Penn

    8. sonofagun

      Plane and simple – that’s good. Here’s what I figure:

      There’s a young child there who to keep occupied and not bored built the model airplane. He set it up on the top of the “transport” so the paint & glue could dry in the sun.


      THank you, thank you (bows)

    9. I’m pretty sure someone lost his plane because of being annoying.

    10. Marilyn in New York

      I think that is the cutest. It keeps us wondering how it got there. Maybe someone gave it to her son and she didn’t want him to play with it, so she put it up there to keep it out of his hands. Everyone have a great day.

    11. Kevin

      I like “Plane and simple” too!

    12. Robin Miller

      It’s an invasion of mini beings from Mars and they are hiding out on the least suspected place to be found … the top of an Amish buggy!

    13. Rich

      I saw a story about someone putting up a sign in a Lancaster county shopping center that said “no horses or buggies allowed”. i thought that was alittle strange, was someone trying to ban the Amish?. for the link to the story just drop by my Richard

    14. Rich

      I went to a shopping plaza here in Lebanon called Dutch-way farm plaza. Alot of the Amish shop here as well as myself, so i went to ask some employees if they had a problem with the clean-up(manure) after a buggy leaves.I did this because of the story, which ill be posting on the blog this afternoon. Richard.Lebanon,Pa

    15. Or: How the Plane People Get Around

    16. Emily

      Richard S. and forsythia, you both made me laugh out loud!

      (Also, Richard, I enjoyed your book!)

    17. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      Tehe. I got nothing to say, but that is funny, and the comments are too.

    18. The unnoticed ingredients: how shoo-fly pie is REALLY made.

    19. Rich

      Morning everyone….. Just checked to see how Erik was making out before i left the house. Should be in the 50s today here in the Lancaster/Lebanon area, so for being here in Feb thats pretty good. Richard.

    20. Richard

      While Eric is away for now. Ive just posted new pictures of the Amish community of Reistville, Lebanon countys Amish settlement. enjoy and please leave your comments.

    21. These are great responses–I showed a couple of my “plane” friends, who really got a kick out of them 🙂