Another 10 views of the Big Valley Amish

I know it’s a bit late for snowy photos, but I wanted to share one more batch of shots from the Big Valley area of Pennsylvania.  Big Valley is home to three Amish groups: Nebraska, Renno, and Byler Amish.

amish front porch


amish home winter


nebraska amish blue door


amish school big valley pa


amish clothesline big valley


amish buggy snow field


amish farm silos


milk cans amish pa


big valley amish school


amish pa front porch

If you missed the first set, here are the original 10 views of Big Valley Amish.

And some more in the series:

10 views of Hardin County, KY Amish

10 views of Juniata County, PA Amish

10 views of Lancaster County Amish

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    1. Alice Aber

      Snowy pictures


      I don’t care if they are snowy pictures or not, they are still beautiful. Thanks for sharing Erik!!

      Blessings, Alice

    2. Beth

      I always like your pictures, Erik. Thanks for sharing.

    3. Richard

      Its almost like those milk cans are set-up for some kind of target practice or games?.I think sometimes i spend more time checking my spelling than i do writing these post,lol. On Amish America, when you post it unless Erik takes it off its there forever. So your misspelled post will live-on. Great images also Erik. Richard from Lebanon county’s Amish community.

    4. john dunning

      i am still having google ads down the center of your stories it blocks out the story

      1. Ads blocking?

        John thanks for letting me know again, when you sent me the email about this I emailed you right back, but I don’t know if you saw it. I was asking what type of browser you were using (Explorer, Firefox, etc) as perhaps that is an issue.

        I haven’t heard about this from anyone else–there are some small ads in some of the posts but nothing that would block content–so am really curious why it is happening. Also wondering if anyone else has the same problem.

        Thanks for letting me know and maybe if you let me know what you are using it might provide a clue.

    5. Glad you enjoy the pix! And Richard I don’t know about target practice but who knows. Kind of looks that way, I guess one reason I liked this photo 🙂

    6. Marilyn from New York

      Comment on Another 10 views of the Big Valley Amish

      Good Morning Erik,
      I really enjoyed the pictures. I especially enjoyed the milk cans. Haven’t seen those in age.
      Have a great day,

    7. Karen

      Also have ads!!

      Hi Erik
      I also have ads down the center of your beautiful photos. I use explorer.

    8. Ads in center of screen

      Thanks Karen, that is weird, not good. Is it a lot of ads? And do you know what version of explorer?

      There should be just one small ad at the bottom of this post, a little below the pictures and just after the last bit of text. And then there are also 2 ad columns, one on the upper left side of the page, one down the page on the right.

      If someone that has this problem can send me a screen shot of what it looks like (ewesner(at) that could be helpful.

      Thanks a bunch for letting me know. I am looking into how to fix this, thanks for your patience if you are having this problem.

    9. Here's why you might see ads in the center of the screen--Internet Explorer v.6

      If you are seeing ads in the middle of the screen, it might be because you are using Internet Explorer version 6 (I just did some screen tests and that was the only version they appeared on). From what I understand 6 is a notoriously buggy version of Explorer.

      I am going to try to realign the ads so they don’t appear there (they are getting “pushed” over from the side for some reason). But I’d also suggest upgrading to the latest version of Explorer (I think it’s version 9) which will probably help you view other websites better too.

      Or, alternatively, try Firefox or Chrome, which in my opinion are both significantly faster and easier to use browsers than Explorer.

      I used Explorer for a long time because I was used to it, but then one day was on a different computer and had to use Firefox, and now there’s no turning back 🙂

      I actually even use Chrome the most now as I find it the fastest, but I know not everyone loves Google!

    10. sherry

      Always enjoy your pictures thank you for sharing

    11. Alice Aber


      I am running on IE8 and no ads here.

    12. Thanks Alice for letting know, I checked all the other IE versions and you should be fine on 8. Actually, even in version 5.5 everything appears okay–For some reason Explorer had a lot of issues with v.6, I am no pro but remember reading about this before when I was trying to do something with the blog design. And IE is definitely not a bad browser, I am just a Chrome fan I guess 😉

    13. Robin Miller

      Thanks for sharing these pictures Erik … they will be especially “refreshing” on 90+ degree days!! Beautiful country!

    14. Mona

      Great pictures Erik, you do know how to take pictures….can you take some of an Amish home , inside….all the rooms ?
      They are such interesting people… to hear all about them…too bad we can’t be friends with them……there are some where I live, I see them at Wal Mart all the time, but I doubt they would even want to be friends with us…..I don’t mean this in a mean way, they probably just don’t trust us…..I would love to have one as a friend and visit them and they visit me…..what a lot we would have to talk about eh????

      Keep the pictures coming……I have a question for you, will send it to you personally…….

    15. Christina

      Love the milk can picture!

      Ditto on Google Chrome…so fast!


    16. Leo

      Big Valley Pics

      Great photos, Erik. No ads on Safari.

    17. Richard

      No ads on my end either Erik, not that theres anything wrong with that.Also if anyone missed it on Monday, please stop by Amish Storys to read Old order Mennonite Jeans post, and what its like being Old order Mennonite. Thank you Erik and everyone. Richard from Lebanons Amish settlement.

    18. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      Ads, Pot Farm and Hot Pot misunderstandings

      No ads for me, though there are ads off in a corner, but it doesn’t impact my reading the blog. Though the one google ad I saw could be taken any number of ways “Pot Farm Game. Grow your own virtual pot online with the best farm game around!”
      It’s kind of like the story I heard about an Ontario AM Radio talkshow host who got a call from a lady who was concerned about the place selling Hot Pot. It wasn’t what she thought it was.

    19. Lindsay

      There really is such a different feel from these photos and photos of Lancaster. I love it though…I imagine for the more conservative groups living in the BV helps minimize contact with the rest of us.

      I’m curious to know, do the Nebraska/Byler groups have any contact at all with English folk?

      LOL @ Hot Pot!

    20. Debbie Welsh

      Just spent 4 days last week in the Big Valley area where we stayed at the Best Western in Milroy, and low and behold there was a Dollar General store right next door that was a big attraction for the white topped Nebraska Amish! They are really old fashioned and strict to the point of being dangerous, though, as their buggies only have a small red triangle in the back and at night they light a small hanging lantern on each side at the front, which you can hardly see. There is no ” windshield ” on their buggies, just very open and small, and there doesn’t even appear to be a step to get down as I witnessed many an awkward exit and entry. The Nebraska women wear dark blue, brown, and black, along with a dark scarf ( they are not allowed to wear a kapp or bonnet ), and I couldn’t help but notice that most of the women had a very sour expression and when they looked at you it was downright mean!

      The men wore alot of brown, as well, and their hair was longer and beards alot more scraggly looking. We rode out amongst their homes and they are definately not as nice or well cared for as most Amish places are.

      And then I finally got to see the yellow topped buggies the day we went to the Belleville farmers market/auction. It just blows my mind to see how unbelievably bright they are! Unfortunately the day we went to the market it was raining but there were still alot of Amish selling their wares under tents, and this one stand of baked goods was manned by four young Amish boys around 7-10 years old who only had a cash box and didn’t even use a piece of paper to add up your purchases. I told him he was very smart to be able to do that and he just smiled.

      There were all kinds of neat little shops and a general store where the Amish go in Belleville, and then if you ride around all the backroads in the valley you will come upon their little shops and businesses at their farms. We also drove up and along route 45 from Centre Hall to Mifflinburg where there is also alot of Amish and buggy driving Old Order Mennonites.

      The surprising part of our trip, though, was that we first started out in the Shippensburg, PA, area for 2 days, and all around there, and especially in the little towns of Newburg and Newville, there were lots of Amish! It was a very nice and pretty location with covered bridges and beautiful farms, and there were quite a few little home businesses and shops where the Amish seemed really nice and friendly.

    21. Debbie thanks for sharing this great report 🙂 It was interesting to read your impressions on the different Amish groups.

      BTW I wish I still could do math in my head like that young Amish fella!