Country Style Deli @ The Markets at Shrewsbury
12025 Susquehanna Trail
Glen Rock, PA 17327
(717) 235-6611

How about a few photos today from Country Style Deli at the Markets at Shrewsbury (York County, PA). This deli is run by the Riehl family, friends of mine from Lancaster County.

Amish markets are typically open for business 3 days per week (Thurs-Sat), though some stand owners may come on Wednesday to do prep work, particularly if you have a food stand which requires a lot of “pre-game prep”.

Deli Amish Market

This is what the Riehls do. To get to Shrewsbury they make the one-and-a-half-hour trek with a van driver, typically setting off in the wee hours and sometimes returning after dark as well.

If you like sub sandwiches, I’m not sure where you’ll get a tastier one–or a better value. Country Style’s subs are thick and customizable. The Riehl McCoy, with a variety of lunch meats plus crunchy bacon strips, is my favorite. I should have gotten a photo of the last one I ate, but it disappeared too quickly to be captured on camera.

The Riehls also carries a wide selection of cheeses and meats including some delicious smoked salami and beef jerky as well as tasty cheese spreads which you can sample.

Country Style Deli Subs

Get your subs (and seafood) here.

Country Style Deli Meats Cheeses

Meats and cheeses here.

Mint Tea Amish Deli

Wash it all down with some of this.

When you visit a Pennsylvania Dutch Market it’s a fun ecosystem to be in. It’s a slice of “Amish Country” contained in a fully-wired building often far from the farms and fields we associate with the Amish.  There is a family atmosphere with mom and dad often both involved and kids milling about and helping as well. The people that run market stands are usually not the silent, stoic types and don’t mind having a chat with customers if they’re not too busy.

Here are a couple of other businesses you’ll find at Shrewsbury:

Shrewsbury furniture

Here’s a corner of the vast Penn Dutch furniture market, occupying by far the largest floor space at Shrewsbury.


The spreads and jams shop (right across from Country Style).

The address for the market, where you’ll find Country Style Deli and over 20 more vendors:

Country Style Deli @ The Markets at Shrewsbury
12025 Susquehanna Trail
Glen Rock, PA 17327
(717) 235-6611

And here’s the website for Shrewsbury, and the cruise night photos if you missed them.


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