Did Amish Vote In Greater Numbers In 2020?

Putting a bow on the topic of the Amish and the 2020 election, Lancaster Online asks “Was 2020 a breakout year for Amish voters? Here’s what the numbers show“. While exact numbers on Amish voters are not available, they analyzed the township data and found that it suggested that “the multi-year effort to register these communities was successful”:

President Trump easily won Lancaster County in 2016 and 2020, and the high turnout by GOP voters in the most recent election was driven, at least in part, by precincts in Amish communities.

Trump received 560 more votes in Leacock Township than he did in 2016, a 59% increase, according to an LNP | LancasterOnline analysis. Additionally, Trump saw a 39% increase in votes in Leacock Township, where 497 new Republican voters were registered since 2016.

Salisbury Township had 295 additional Trump votes, a 34% increase from 2016, and 389 new Republican registrations — a 35% increase from 2016. Similarly, Paradise Township had 406 additional Trump votes, a 33% increase. Sadsbury had 203 additional Trump votes for a 29% increase, and Strasburg Township had an 18% increase, totaling 214 additional Trump votes.

Although it is not yet clear how many of these new Trump voters are Amish, the results suggest the multi-year effort to register these communities was successful.

Photo: Chris Knight/Lancaster Online

An official of a local food bank shares anecdotal evidence of an increase in Amish voting, and suggests Amish will vote in 2022 as well:

David Lapp, CEO of Blessings of Hope, a faith-based food bank in Leola hosted Ivanka Trump during a visit in September, said he personally knows at least 15 to 20 Amish people who voted for the first time in the 2020 election. He estimates that Amish turned out in “record numbers,” attracted to the Trump administration’s promotion of religious freedoms and opposition to abortion.

Even if Trump isn’t on the ticket in future elections, Lapp said he believes Amish people will continue to vote in midterm elections, in reaction to the government restrictions on public gatherings and businesses implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic.

So there is not hard data that the Amish did vote in greater numbers in 2020, but some evidence suggesting they did. The Young Center will conduct a study in the coming year, so it’s likely we’ll get a more concrete picture of Amish voting, and to what degree Amish turnout increased, if that’s the case.

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    1. Marty Wayne

      Amish Voting

      It seems to me I had heard that the Amish don’t vote or, maybe they donate vote for president, or even not nationally. I think I had heard this in Lancaster County. Do the Amish vote? Do they vote for president? Do the vote in national elections or only local?



    2. Jay Schiff

      Amish Audience

      While I would not be surprised to learn that the Amish voted for Trump (the abortion issue was fundamental),but I am puzzled to see Amish men taking the day off to wait hours to see Trump and allow their images to be caught in photographs. When I spoke with Amish friends, they had not read Trump’s vile comments about women, nor knew his feeling about Muslims and refugees from “—-hole” countries. One might say that Trump violated every tenet of Amish life – humility, honesty and self-sacrifice.

      1. Connie


        I also realize that the abortion topic brings out a lot of people. I must admit that it makes me sad to see so many good, honest, hard working people being bamboozled by a vile conman.

        1. Georgianne


          I wish the abortion issue wasn’t THE one topic that made a person vote one way or the other. Pope Francis has repeatedly said that abortion isn’t the only issue at stake in protecting the life of the unborn. He is obviously against abortion but “issued a rebuke to Catholic anti-abortion activists who concentrate so closely on the issue of abortion that it eclipses other questions.” In his 100-page document called Gaudete et Exsultate he wrote “Our defense of the innocent unborn, for example, needs to be clear, firm and passionate. Equally sacred, however, are the lives of the poor, those already born, the destitute, the abandoned.” I am a Quaker, but I admire Pope Francis, and I closely watched Catholic news in the run up to the election because both political parties were courting the Catholic vote. In his way, Pope Francis was urging Catholics to not let the abortion issue cloud their judgment, since Catholicism also strongly emphasizes charity, helping the poor and destitute, caring for immigrants, service to others. I find it very difficult to understand how so many Catholics do not consider Joe Biden to be a “real” Catholic because of his stance on abortion. He has repeatedly said he is personally against it but does not feel he can impose a law when people of other faiths believe differently. I also read that the Amish were mostly voting for Trump because of the abortion issue. What I find even more hypocritical is the fact that if some digging was done, you would probably find that Trump was responsible for a few women needing an abortion. That is obviously pure speculation on my part, but considering he has somewhere around 26 lawsuits pending by women who claim sexual harassment and rape I think it could be a possibility. Anyway, abortion is a touchy issue to discuss. Prior to the election, I did find some research that showed abortions were down slightly under Democratic leadership and slightly up under Republican leadership. You’d have to google that, though, but I believe it had something to do with the fact Democrats tried to work in the poorer areas giving women choices and help, pathways to education and childcare, etc., whereas Republicans tended to make abortions more difficult without doing anything to stem the reasons they were sought. Anyway, I think there are better ways to help women seeking abortions than to make it such a focal point of an election that had so many more important issues at stake. Oh, and how about Barr trying to reinstate federal execution by firing squad before Trump leaves office? I guess abortions are bad, but executions are fine. Go figure.

          1. sylvie


            Le Pape François est le plus mauvais que nous n’ayons jamais eu. Un félon mondialiste qui ne pense qu’au climat et aux migrants. Il détruit petit à petit la religion catholique. Nos prêtres ne peuvent plus faire la messe à cause du Covid, il y a des restrictions du culte. Certains font de la résistance en faisant des messes en plein air et le Pape trouve que tout cela est de l’enfantillage au lieu de soutenir son église.
            Il souhaite supprimer la messe en latin vieille de 2000 ans….des religieuses démissionnent de leur clergé, ce Pape c’est une honte…

            1. Amish voters

              Je n’ai pas de clavier francais, mais je vais essayer de vous repondre quand meme. La messe latine n’existe que depuis 1570. L’important c’est que les adherents comprennent ce qui est dit durant la messe. La messe latine n’est qu’une tradition et non une loi inscrite dans la bible. Ce n’est pas Pape Francois qui detruit le catholicisme. Ce sont les papes du passee, les cardinaux, les eveques et pretres qui, en niant que la pedophilie etait pratique par les pretres avec les enfants de leur paroisses, detruisent le catholicisme, C’est le racisme, la bigoterie et l’hypocrisie des catholiques qui detruisent le catholicisme!

          2. TL:DR.

            Your commentary was far too long.

            Only during the evenings, might I have the time to read a missalette.

            1. Long missalette

              A Friend of The Amish: Would you have responded with the same sarcasm had Georgianne’s comment been pro-trump, anti-abortion, etc.? You don’t have time to read long comments, but, you have the time to write sarcastic comments? Hmmm…

          3. Amish voting for trump


            I couldn’t agree with you more! Thank you for your voice of reason. I’ve always been dismayed by anti-abortionists because they do not care about the fetus once it has been birthed. Their attitude is one of: “WE don’t want you to have an abortion because WE are against it, but, WE aren’t going to help you once that baby is born.” Very un-Christian and oh-so-hypocritical. By the way, I agree that if one is against abortion, one must also be against the death penalty, invading other countries and killing thousands of local civilians, in order to steal their natural resources or to Christianize. Killing is killing, is it not?

            1. Georgianne

              Thank you!

              Thank you for sticking up for my comment. Single-issue voting is tricky in my view. Perhaps the single issue you should vote on is to vote against hate. And while many here will argue that Donald Trump himself may not promote hate — although I disagree — he has done a good job of ferreting out those who do and gaining their support.

              Also, several people here have basically admitted to the fact Trump is immoral but somehow still a good president. Immorality implies the inability to distinguish between right and wrong. I would respectfully ask how can you make good decisions for the country if you can’t distinguish the difference?

              As for the comment about the left being against homeschooling … I guess I’m one of the radical left-leaning liberals Max doesn’t necessarily like. And yet, we homeschooled both our daughters. They even attended distance learning college.

              1. Amish trumpers


                You cannot teach those who do not wish to learn. My in-laws are trumpers who claim to be Christians. Their brand of Christianity has nothing to do with Jesus and his teachings.

          4. Bruce

            Ethics 101

            Regarding Georgianne’s flippant comment, “I guess abortions are bad, but executions are fine,” my college Ethics professor talked about his alarm at people with such inconsistent standards. He said this is a clear case of people having confused thinking, by believing the guilty deserve rights while the innocent do not. He went on further to say that he had more respect for those that believe that everyone should die or everyone should live. Denigrating those that don’t support the advocacy of the guilty while simultaneously besmirching those that support the innocent is the height of inconsistent thinking that is easily attributed to moral relativism. As a past health care worker that is imbued with ethics, I harbor great admiration and reverence for the Amish position that tenaciously defends the sanctity of innocent human life. On the other hand, kindness to evil is merely one’s own personification of evil. Because of the possibility for redemption, I may find it in my heart to forgive the sinner, but never the sin. Throughout my lifetime, I have always believed that punishing innocent humans is an abominable sin that has no place in civilized society.

            1. Ethics 101

              Bruce: Regarding Georgianne’s “flippant comment”, your response to it smacked of holier-than-thou arrogance. Georgianne was pointing out the hypocrisy of anti-abortionists who are for the death penalty. Killing is killing, regardless of whom is being killed. I realize that those who wrote the Bible and those who interpret it, believe that Jesus was for the death penalty. Your ethics professor expounded on the inconsistent beliefs of pro-abortionists being against the death penalty, but did not think it was inconsistent thinking of pro-lifers to also be for the death penalty. I would like to refer you to an article by Jonathan Merritt, dated 05/04/2014, in The Atlantic, titled: “Would Jesus Support the Death Penalty?” By the way, do you realize that not all who have been executed were guilty?

    3. Dorothy Lachner

      Amish Vote 2020

      It was my understanding that the Amish did not get involved in politics. While I agree that abortion is a hot topic, it amazes me that these people are so gullible…perhaps that is why Trump targeted them.

    4. Jerry Lamie

      Amish Voting

      I first noticed Amish politics in 2016 when a Perry County Amish man asked my opinion of the presidential race. From my travels I assert that local bishops have the ability for a community to become interested in politics. I currently see a lot of it in the Lancaster community and their York, Lebanon, Upper Dauphin and Perry county satellites. I’ve seen some interest coming from mid-state Old Order Mennonites as well. Also in the Big Valley with Renno and Byler groups but nothing from the Nebraska orders YET.

      The Amish are seeing how they can be better represented within local, state and national elections. And they have every right to do since laws and political actions can effect them as much as you or I.

      The Amish are a conservative religious group and will most likely always side with the right of center ideology.

      Some on this blog, like most when dealing with politics, only see what they want to see, overlook the many transgressions (real and preceived) of both sides. One of the basic beliefs of Christianity is to see the best in everyone. When you dwell on the negative of any aspect of life, that is where “hate” begins to grow inside of you.

    5. It seems that the Amish believe in redemption more than the English...

      The Amish seem to believe in the redemption of humanity by Jesus Christ more than the commenters above. Much of what they attribute to Pres. Trump occurred in the past, was taken far out of context by reporters, or was distorted. The Amish seemed to recognize a man that has come to know Christ-Who works within each of our personalities, however imperfect. The Amish I spoke to appreciated the faith-filled people with whom Pres. Trump surrounded himself with. They appreciated his strong stands and effective leadership in areas that they care about. They recognize God as forgiving and redeeming, so do not seem to hold Pres. Trump’s past sins against him, any more than they want their past sins held against them when their behavior changes. Trump’s release of the economy brought prosperity to the poor. By limiting the floods of illegal immigration, he protected the jobs and wages of the US poor, and discouraged the dangerous trekking of migrants across several exploitive nations. The Amish I know, all very, very conservative, seemed to have a keen sense of who Pres. Trump is now, and to support him. The “abortion issue” is no small thing considering how some states have celebrated late-term abortions and, even, infanticide after “failed” abortions. The Bible shows us that God does not deal lightly with nations who practice the killing/sacrifice of babies and children. The Amish that I know are not duped by a “conman.” They are evaluating the choices between proven policies that improved the USA, and policy promises that have left poverty and its oppression unchanged for decades.

      1. Jessica Moore

        Very well said! The very same people who like to throw “Judge not” out when Christians speak out against current sinful practices are quick to judge the president for past sins he has acknowledged and repented from and others exploited and expounded upon for political purposes.

        1. Amish voters

          To Jessica Moore: Trump has repented from his sins? Seriously? Perhaps you ought to rethink your definition of “victim”? Trump’s release of the economy brought prosperity to the poor? First of all, there is very little real poverty in America. If a person can afford a car, cell phone, tv, he/she is not poor, even if they live in a dump. The economy was already on the upswing, thanks to President Obama, when trump walked into the White House. Now, it’s in the toilet. Under President Obama, my husband was making six figures/year. Under trump, he lost his job. I had the same job for 22 years. Under trump, had I had to retire or lose my job. Under President Obama, people didn’t die in the millions because of a virus. They did under trump.

          To Max: Money and conscience are interchangeable for Republicans and some Amish.

          Most Democrats vote for the well-being of the people. We like giving people a chance to do well. Even trumpers! We also enjoy making money.

          Voting for an amoral man/woman is the same as voting for an amoral agenda. Some people believed trump could run the country. More people believed Hillary could run the country. Trump proved Hillary voters were right! The sheer incompetence of trump and his toadies is astounding! That swamp trump was going to empty? It got so deep even he was drowning in it!

          There were no saints running for president. Democrats tend to be rooted in reality. We do think that he will try to be President of the USA. Unlike trump, who was president only of Trump Nation, population: 70 million. A difference between PE Biden and trump is that when PE Biden looks at his supporters, he sees America. When trump looks at his supporters, he sees only himself. Will PR Biden be able to reverse all the damage trump caused to America? Probably not, but, he will try!

      2. Stephanie Berkey

        Amen, very well put, LorMarie.

    6. Max

      Amish for Trump

      It amazes me how many people here are surprised that the amish would vote for Trump. It’s not only the issues of abortion as people here imply. Amish in general are against big government. The left is against private/home schooling, amish send their kids mainly to private schools. Amish don’t want to pay SS tax, democrats want everyone to pay SS tax. I could go on forever but basically socialist agenda is in conflict with amish believes.

      As for the “Trump is an immoral man”. You shouldn’t vote for a person based on his morality but rather what sort of agenda he will push. It seems that people here believe that it’s better to vote for a saint who wouldn’t know how to run a country (but he is a saint!) than an immoral person who would be the best president ever but he has affairs, offends immigrants, and is narcistic. Not saying this is the case here, don’t think Trump was the best president ever, but it seems that you people would make that choice in the above scenrio. Crazy…

    7. Jessica moore

      I recently saw a man interviewed that he had had a rush of Republican registrations in Lancaster. He said it was upwards of 20,000 and most of them were Amish.