As promised, more photos today from an auction in the Bowling Green, Missouri Amish settlement. These were taken in May of last year, by Beth Russo. Bowling Green is the oldest Amish enclave in Missouri, dating to 1947.

Amish Auction Bowling Green Missouri
Quilts of course are a staple of Amish auctions.  I quite like this design.

Missouri Amish Quilt
Lining up for grub.

Amish Auction Food Line
And something for the sweet tooth.

Ice Cream One Dollar
Beth says it was too chilly that day for a dip, though.

Amish Ice Cream Machine
If you’re a kid, it’s never too chilly for ice cream, of course.

Missouri Amish Boys
Amish wash tech.

Amish Wringer Washers
These guys might be getting their clothes washed, whether they like it or not.

Amish Umbrella

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