One of our contributors recently paid a visit to the Wayne County settlement.  The weather did not quite cooperate that day. However that gave him a great excuse to duck into one of the more prominent Wayne County Amish businesses.

Fountain Acres (Amish-owned Food Store)

Fountain Acres Foods is a sizeable Amish-run “foods and more” store in the Wayne County Amish community, in the Fountain City area.  You’ll find it here:

Fountain Acres Foods 
1140 Whitewater Rd
Fountain City, IN 47341
(765) 847-1897


While at the store, our contributor sent me this description:  “Store is awesome. Deli, doghouses, hickory rockers, huge variety of bulk foods, about the size of E&S in Shipshe but way more variety.”




Rubber mulch outside the store.




Make sure your local squirrels stay well-fed with big bags of this stuff:


Also, keep your tomatoes from escaping with one of these:


You more often see hickory chairs in the popular rocker models. Those have a correspondingly higher price tag than this small (child-sized?) non-rocking version (yours for $110).


Pancake mix, syrup, and more.


Many Amish folks appreciate home remedies, hence the variety of health-related products touted below.


A nice-sized tub of the famous B & W Ointment.


A selection of teas, including Detox Herbal, Hibiscus Organic, and Holiday Spice.




Soup mixes- Seven Bean, Harvest, Golden Harvest…




Some of the Fountain Acres-branded canned products.


Not just pickled eggs, smoked pickled eggs.  I’m trying to decide without ever having tasted regular pickled eggs if these could be any good.  I guess I’ll just have to try for myself (someday…).


The cold stuff.


Fountain Acres also sells ready-made foods.


Fountain Acres’ card with info.


Back of card, telling you when not to come.


“Ya’ll Come See Us!”  “Ya’ll”?  Is this the Midwest or the South? Who’s ya’ll-ing in that part of Indiana?



Where to find it:

Fountain Acres Foods 
1140 Whitewater Rd
Fountain City, IN 47341
(765) 847-1897

The Amish of Wayne County, IN

The year 1994 saw the arrival of Amish to Wayne County, Indiana, a border county about an hour east of Indianapolis.  The settlers came from Lancaster County, bringing their Lancaster Amish culture, including distinctive buggies and dress, with them.


The Wayne County settlement has since grown to 8 church districts in size, making it the sixth-largest of Indiana’s 20-plus communities.


The Wayne County group was actually preceded by other migrants from Lancaster County, who settled on the opposite side of the state in Parke County in 1991.



According to “Amish Settlements across America: 2013“, the settlement actually reaches into three counties (Henry and Randolph in addition to Wayne), with Hagerstown and Greens Fork listed as key towns.


The Dutch Country Flea Market at Greens Fork.



This sign is only vaguely threatening towards rogue parkers (“could”, not “will” be towed) but I think does the trick.  Note there are actually two buggy-related signs in this shot, one just a bit more faded.


Not the ideal vehicle for a mucky day.


Special thanks to our contributor for this look at a rainy Wayne County Amish community and the Fountain Acres Foods store.

Update for y’all:  Alice Mary in the comments points out the regular use of “y’all” in far northwest suburban Chicago.  Below, the “Y’all Map”, from a fascinating regional dialect project by Joshua Katz of NCSU.  Katz plotted which form of many common words/phrases is most often used in a given area based on data from a Harvard study.

To Alice Mary’s point, what you see on this map may not be the only form of a phrase used in a given place–the darker the color, the more dominant the word or phrase is in that area.

Y'all Map

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