Amish Tarp Shop Sign

Today Tom has some photos for us of an Amish tarp shop in Conewango Valley in New York.

Amish Tarp Shop

Though we just had a look at odd Amish jobs, I wouldn’t place tarp shops on that list, as they aren’t that unusual, and can be found in many communities.

Boat Amish Farm

If you didn’t know better you might find yourself impressed by this Amishman’s taste in recreational vehicles…

New York Amish Tarp Shop

…and his boat collection.   I’m pretty sure these all belong to English customers though.

Boats Under Tarp

Boat accessories aren’t the only items Amish “tarpers” create.  A  Kentucky Amish tarp shop I once visited was in the middle of work on a covered wagon for a tourist business.  Here’s a photo:

Amish Tarp Covered Wagon

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