3 Amish Bread Spreads

A reader in Illinois shares a photo of 3 spreads given by an Amish neighbor, along with a loaf of bread and a thank-you note.  I have eaten 2 of these 3 (tasty).  Do you know what they are, and when they’re usually eaten?  Ever had some yourself?

Amish Spread

Update: Below, a larger photo of the note with reference to the spreads:

Amish Spread Note

The peanut butter (right) and cheese spread (top) seemed easiest to identify. The yellow spread was the tougher one, though Mary Yoder got this one right too by correctly calling it an egg spread.

About the egg spread, our Illinois reader comments:  “The egg spread is fairly common in the Arthur, IL community for church (we were once given a gallon ice cream bucket full from another family that was left over after they hosted church).”  As for an egg spread recipe: “I contacted one person, they only told me the ingredients — cooked and shredded eggs, salad dressing, a little mustard, salt and pepper to taste.”

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    1. Carolyn K

      I don’t know what they are. Looks like one has peanut butter as an ingredient and one maybe cheese. Not sure about bright yellow one. Maybe some kind of mustard?

    2. Rose G

      Name these 3 spreads

      They all look different, but, I believe they are all Peanut Butter.

    3. New York State of Mind

      Two me one looks like a corn spread. Another looks like liver spread (maybe peanut butter) and the the third I can’t figure out.

    4. Sharon Elliott


      The one on the right looks like the peanut butter/marshmallow spread. The top one looks like a cheese spread and the yellow one at the bottom, I have no idea.

    5. Peanut butter spread, cheese spread and corn spread; all served at the Sunday church meal.

    6. Char

      Top: schmierkase [cheese spread]
      Right: Peanut Butter cream [PB & marshmallow]
      Left [yellow one]: I’m waiting for the answer on that one!

    7. mary

      amish spreads

      On the right, apple butter, the left, corn, the top, peanut butter

    8. Mary Yoder

      3 Amish Spreads

      Peanut Butter
      Cheese Spread
      must be the yellow one is egg salad, but rather runny? Never had corn spread that runny either

    9. Linda

      Top: Schmierkase (spreadable cheese)
      Right: Amish church peanut butter spread
      Left: It looks like corn. Would it be Kumquat Jam? Just a corny guess.

      I tried to magnify the note to look for clues but I couldn’t read it.

    10. Ellen

      Names of 3 Amish spreads

      One of them must be peanut butter. The others I do not know. Maybe some kind of cheers spread. Are you going to take the suspense out of all of us and let us know what they really are. Please……….

      1. Sorry Ellen, answers coming soon 🙂 Just to give later-in-the-day readers a chance to have a look. Some good guessing going on here.

    11. Andrea

      Think one is peanut butter, sweetcorn mash, and apple butter?. Could be totaly wrong.

    12. Linda Lewis

      I know two of the spreads

      Peanut Butter Spread (or Schmear)
      Apple Butter

      The yellow, lumpy one has me baffled. Can’t wait to find out
      what it is.

    13. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      for the foodies

      When you announce the correct guess, would it be possible to include a recipe for the correct spread, for those who are inclined to try their hand at making up some.

      1. Shom in addition to the ingredients I’ve just shared in the post above, the Illinois reader shares a recipe that seems close to this spread: http://cottagehomestead.blogspot.com/2009/09/amish-bread-and-egg-salad-recipe.html

    14. LeeAnn

      Peanut butter/marshmellow spread
      corn mash spread
      cheese or some type of a fruit spread

    15. Lattice

      My favorite thing about the whole photograph is the note. The note-writer appears to have torn off the “clean” bottom half of paper to use for a note. How authentically Amish!!

    16. I’ve just posted the names of the three spreads above with another photo of the note. And good job Mary 🙂

    17. New York State of Mind

      Thank you Erik. I wondered what they were. My guesses were way off. Really enjoyed this.

    18. Alice Mary


      I missed this yesterday, but wouldn’t have guessed the egg one (cheese and peanut butter/marshmallow, yes).

      Beautiful handwriting—very feminine…something you don’t see often enough these days, with cursive writing no longer being taught in many schools. I remember my classmates and I (all girl school) practicing to “perfect” our signature. I’d hate to see that “skill” (“art”?) fall by the wayside because of computers/technology.

      Alice Mary

    19. Carolyn

      3 spreads

      Letter says are yogurt butter–for bread. Peanut butter spread and cheese spread that they like with an egg.