It’s probably not a huge revelation that Amish people, like non-Amish, enjoy fast food and eating at restaurants. I take a look at the topic in this new video. Below are a couple of the images I share in the video. First, this sign showing buggy parking at a McDonald’s in Sugarcreek:

I took that photo sometime in the mid-2000s. Here’s another photo, showing buggies parked outside a Pizza Hut in LaGrange, Indiana:

A number of viewers have shared their observations on the Amish & fast food topic. A viewer named Nancy wrote: “I am close to an Amish community and take them places. They love to get fast food when they go out. They also love Wendy’s frosties.”

A driver for the Amish named Gerald wrote: “When hauling Amish, we will often stop at fast food for a quick lunch. Many like Subway. Pizza is so big in my area that there are several pizza ovens that they use for events. Many make their own pizza and it is very good. They are also good customers of our several pizza shops. When traveling, they usually want to look for a good buffet but not a pricey one. Many will just pack lunches for day trips or eat wherever we go.”

Suggesting how things have changed over time, viewer Ohio Prepper noted: “When I was a kid you never saw Amish at Mcd’s or grocery stores, now they go anywhere we do.”

Another interesting comment, by Sweet Peach: “I think most people would be disappointed to see what the Amish actually eat.”

I thought this was a good point. Not that the Amish are eating particularly strange things or something. But I imagine some might expect the Amish to stick to a strict traditional PA Dutch diet, with lots of fresh garden foods and canned goods. And of course many Amish eat those things. As I suggest in the video, this shouldn’t be taken to think that Amish are not eating their traditional foods.

But some stick to this “classic diet” more than others, and with the differences across Amish groups and especially with the change in occupations moving off the farm, the diet is more varied than it was in generations past. And of course, people are people, Amish or non-Amish. Or, like another viewer put it: “everybody likes a quick burger now and then.”

I hope you enjoy the video:

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