Visiting an Amish Gourmet Popcorn Shop (Video)

This past June I visited Emma’s Gourmet Popcorn in Lancaster County. I recorded this video showing the different flavors they sell (apparently 60 of them). I didn’t realize there were so many flavors of popcorn; you’ll see my surprise at some of the unexpected tastes I find in the shop.

As I’m recording you’ll hear the banter of some Amish friends and store workers in the background including my friend Ben whom you may recall from previous recent videos. I also try a couple of the more unusual flavors at the end. It was overall a fun visit and I hope that’s the feel this vid gives you. Runtime: 5:38.

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    1. Alberta

      Very interesting..

      Love this video..Wished I lived closer, although I probably would go broke..I would want a bag of every kind to see which one I liked the best..
      Beautiful shop they have.. Maybe someday I will get there..
      Thank you for sharing this video..

    2. Lisa

      Amish popcorn

      I love your video’s especially when you share different Amish businesses. I visit Lancaster County several times a year and Emma’s will definitely be put on my list of stops! I love popcorn am looking forward to sampling their different flavors! Thanks so much for your informative videos!

    3. Lisa M


      Thanks for the video. I want to take a trip there now! Just a few days ago I was at an Amish Pot Pie “factory” in the Mohawk Community in upstate NY. I didn’t see inside just yet, but my husband tells me that live chickens go in one end and professionally packaged and labeled pies come out the other. They just had a fire recently and in true Amish fashion the facility was back up and running within days. The Mohawk Community seems to be a more progressive community compared with our closest community, Cobleskill, which seems a lot more conservative. The communities in upstate NY are growing fast.

    4. Lou

      Emma’s just moved to a fabulous store located on Old Philly Pike..Rt#340….about two miles east of Intercourse Village before New Holland Road. We enjoyed the store.

      Lapp Farm Creamery and Cafe opened up a second location next to Emma’s Popcorn. The still have the original Lapp Farm.