A reader in Illinois shares a photo of 3 spreads given by an Amish neighbor, along with a loaf of bread and a thank-you note.  I have eaten 2 of these 3 (tasty).  Do you know what they are, and when they’re usually eaten?  Ever had some yourself?

Amish Spread

Update: Below, a larger photo of the note with reference to the spreads:

Amish Spread Note

The peanut butter (right) and cheese spread (top) seemed easiest to identify. The yellow spread was the tougher one, though Mary Yoder got this one right too by correctly calling it an egg spread.

About the egg spread, our Illinois reader comments:  “The egg spread is fairly common in the Arthur, IL community for church (we were once given a gallon ice cream bucket full from another family that was left over after they hosted church).”  As for an egg spread recipe: “I contacted one person, they only told me the ingredients — cooked and shredded eggs, salad dressing, a little mustard, salt and pepper to taste.”

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