Amish School Burns To Ground In Kentucky

Image: WKDZ Radio

This news is sparse, but it’s being reported that an Amish school burned to the ground in Kentucky last night. Via

An Amish school on Fentress Lane was destroyed in a fire late Wednesday night. Herndon firefighters say the building was fully engulfed in flames when they arrived just after 11 p.m. No one was injured in the fire and the cause was unknown.

The blaze, which appears to have completely destroyed the school, happened in an Amish community in Christian County. Here’s some raw video footage via WKDZ from the site, showing firemen handling what looks like the tail-end of the blaze:

The cause is unknown at this time. It’s reported there was a fireplace in the school (perhaps they mean stove).

On the one hand it seems a bit strange that it would happen so late at night. Presumably this would have been 6-8 hours after they had finished school for the day. It’s possible a stove was left burning if the teacher was staying behind for some time.

Amish watch the firefighters at work as the blaze dies down. Images: WKDZ

Also, assuming no one was living in quarters in the same building, which might mean wood was still being burned later in the day. However there is no mention of that in the brief report.

Arson is of course a possibility (though again, that has not been suggested). However, this made me recall a recent case (one year ago) in which a couple were accused of setting fire to an Amish school in Indiana (in addition to setting a string of barn fires). It also reminded me of incidents in Wisconsin in 2015, in which gunshots were fired at several Amish homes and a school. In other words, Amish have been targeted for attacks on their property before, including their schools.

Image: WKDZ

I’m not at all saying that this Kentucky fire was intentional, but I did raise an eyebrow for reasons as detailed above. Christian County is home to two separate Amish communities. This would appear to be the significantly larger of the two (home to over 2,000 Amish), which also sprawls into neighboring Trigg County.

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    1. Caroline Mathon

      Thanks God. No casualties, no injuries. Where can we send some money to help them rebuild the school?
      Caroline from Sweden

      1. I haven’t seen any info on that but will share if I do. Sometimes non-Amish put together GoFunMes for these sorts of things, or they provide a bank address to send a donation, other times they don’t.

    2. Cs

      Near Hillsboro?

      Noticed many Amish homes for sale in Hillsboro, wonder if this is nearby county? Hope it’s not

      1. Hillsboro has had a good bit of turnover in recent years. This is a different area