amish old faithful yellowstoneThar she blows!  A nice photo of what looks like Lancaster folks* at the Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone park.  I’m pretty sure these guys are on vacation and not scouting settlement locations.  Amish do take vacations, some more extravagant than others.

Summer is upon us which means road trips.  Though with gas up and the economy down maybe less than usual.

Right now I’m in Poland but will be back in NC in a little over a week.  I teach part-time in Poland so I get summers “off”, though that is a relative term, as my warmer months seem to stay pretty busy with other jobs.

This summer I will be making two, possibly three trips to Amish communities.  The first is scheduled for August and will take in Holmes County and also (85-90% certain) Indiana including the Adams County Amish and the Elkhart-Lagrange community.  That’s for research and visiting friends and probably also fattening up.

My second will be late September to Lancaster County for about 10 days, in part for the forgiveness conference at Elizabethtown College.  From what I read in the comments on that last post I might even be seeing some fellow Amish Americans (Amish Canadians too?) at that event.

Also, will spend a week at the beach in South Carolina.  It’s an annual family thing.  While there I visit old friends in Savannah, Georgia.  No Amish in SC or GA (though Georgia once had a community).

(In case you’re wondering I’ll be doing a good bit of work in the midst of all this running around–including on a new book–so it won’t be all fun and games!)

How about you?  Any interesting trips on tap, Amish or otherwise?

*Brock has brought to my attention what looks like a single suspender on Big Boy (single suspenders are seen for instance in Big Valley among Renno Amish).  However Little Boy has what looks like doubles.  Brock notes that little boys actually do wear Y-style double suspenders in these communities.  So, not Lancaster after all.  Trying to stay on top of Amish clothing variations is fun.

Photo: Richie Diesterheft

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