Over the past week, gunshots were fired at two Amish homes in the community in Eau Claire County, Wisconsin. There was also a third reported incident involving a school in the settlement.

bullet-hole-in-windowThere’s not a lot of information in this article, but there are a few more details, including on a fragment of bullet found in between panes of glass in one home.

Eau Claire County is home to the community which has had some high-profile conflicts over smoke detectors, recently resolved thanks to a change in state building code.

Who is shooting at Amish homes, and why? There have been many cases of harassment against Amish, and worse, over the years. These have included shooting a horse, vandalizing buggy warning signs, and arson.

The Amish are different, and are outsiders, and often misunderstood. It creates a situation where it is easier to dehumanize them. Furthermore, personal conflicts can simmer and breed ill will.

None of those are reasons to fire a gun at another person’s home.

Hopefully whoever is involved will be stopped before someone gets hurt.

UPDATE – Sep. 11 4:44 AM: According to a report by WQOW, the shooting occurred Friday night, and in fact targeted three separate homes, and an Amish school.

Video, which you can find here, shows the homes, school, and the bullet holes. You also hear from Mary Schrock, the teacher at the school.

The new report:

Augusta (WQOW) – Three Amish homes and one Amish school-house was targeted in a drive-by shooting on Friday night.

News 18 spoke with Rudy Gingerich, one of the home owners on Wednesday. He explained that his family of nine woke to a gun shot on Friday night around 11 p.m. They contacted the Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Office who investigated the situation Saturday morning and found that two more homes and a school-house were damaged by bullet holes as well.

“Well I came Monday morning and saw it there, it was pretty scary, but I have no idea why it happened,” said Mary Schrock, an Amish school teacher.

Investigators believe the shots were fired from the road from a gun that uses 22-caliber, but they do not know who did it or why. The Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Office is asking for help from the public. Anyone with information is asked to contact them at (715) 839-4972.

Image credit- bullet hole in window– tedengler/flickr

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