The Amish in Kentucky: 2023 Guide (50+ Communities)

Kentucky is home to a sizeable and growing Amish population. As of 2023, over 15,000 Amish live in 50+ locations across the state.

This is remarkable as Amish did not arrive to the Bluegrass State until the mid-20th century. Since then, the Amish population has skyrocketed to become the 8th-largest in North America.

An Amish home in Graves County, KY, one of over four dozen in the state. Photo: Don Burke

Kentucky Amish Communities:

  • Munfordville/Horse Cave -The Munfordville community in Hart County is the largest in Kentucky, and one of the fastest-growing in the nation.
  • Hopkinsville (Christian/Trigg County) – The state’s second largest Amish group is found at Hopkinsville in Christian & Trigg Counties, with over 2,000 Amish.
  • Guthrie – The area near Guthrie in southern Kentucky is home to a small “electric New Order” group.
  • Other KY Amish Settlements – Kentucky is dotted with small Amish communities. Amish people can be found in nearly three dozen of the state’s counties.

Munfordville/Horse Cave (Hart County)

The Amish settlement in Hart County, found near the towns of Munfordville and Horse Cave, was started in 1989. This community has ties with the Geauga County Amish settlement in Ohio. The Munfordville settlement has grown rapidly over the past two decades, and numbered 20 church districts as of 2023 (about 2,400 people).

The Munfordville settlement has benefited from a high level of in-migration of Amish from other communities, including its large parent settlement of Geauga County (note: though Munfordville is used to describe this community, there are no Amish actually in the town, it simply refers to one of the most common mailing addresses for area Amish).

amish kentucky produce auction
Amish at the Hart County produce auction

Like in other communities, Amish at Munfordville operate small businesses and also do some farming. The hilly terrain is not the best farmland, but Amish do operate traditional farms as well as grow produce. The local produce auction runs on Mondays and Wednesdays starting at 12 noon.

A number of shops, including furniture businesses and retail stores provide ways of making a living for the Amish (more on Kentucky Amish furniture). Detweiler’s Country Store, near Cub Run, is a well-known variety store with gardening amenities, books, foods, and dry goods. Amish-run sawmills and stores such as fabric shops can be found dotted among the Hart County hills as well.

Traveling in Hart County by buggy can be hazardous. Like the Amish community at Holmes County, Ohio, Hart County is hilly. In some places you will find buggy pull-off lanes, usually on steep hills, which provide a shoulder for buggies to pull over and allow vehicles traveling behind to pass. Read more on the Munfordville, KY Amish.

Christian/Trigg County (Hopkinsville)

Christian County is home to two Amish settlements: the second-oldest in the state, near Crofton (founded 1972, three church districts), and a newer and larger settlement near Hopkinsville and Pembroke (1989, at 15 districts the state’s second-largest). The Hopkinsville community has grown rapidly over the past 10+ years, doubling in size and nearly surpassing the state’s largest community at Munfordville. The Amish living in this settlement are also found in neighboring Trigg County.

An Amish farm in the the Hopkinsville (Christian/Trigg County) community. Some Amish raise tobacco to supplement household income. Photo: Don Burke

The group at Crofton is an electric New Order settlement, of similar size to that at Guthrie in neighboring Todd County (see Guthrie Amish above). Christian County, along with Todd County, is also home to a community of Old Order Mennonites, a group which resembles the Amish in many ways, including its use of horse-drawn travel and plain clothing. Todd County hosts a sizeable produce auction (Fairview, at Elkton) where both Amish and Mennonites sell their fruits and vegetables.


The lands near Guthrie in Todd County are home to an unusual community of “electric” New Order Amish. New Order Amish on the whole make up only a small minority within Amish society.

Though they dress plain, use the horse-and-buggy, and speak Pennsylvania Dutch, New Order Amish in general differ somewhat from Old Order Amish. New Order Amish tend to have a greater focus on missions and outreach, are generally liberal on technology, believe in assurance of salvation. Some groups also hold Sunday School.

New Order Amish are themselves divided into two groups: “electric” and “non-electric”. Electric New Order Amish differ from non-electric New Orders in that they permit electricity to be used in the home.

kentucky amish tractor guthrie
Amish at Guthrie, Kentucky make extensive use of tractors

The Amish at Guthrie are also very progressive when it comes to tractor usage. Tractors are driven on the road; most Amish homes can be identified by the bright blue or red tractor parked outside. Buggy usage is limited compared to other Amish settlements. As a result, Guthrie homes are more spread out than one might expect for a settlement of this size.

The Guthrie community is the oldest in Kentucky, founded in 1958. Today it numbers just two church districts in size, and approximately 300 people. The Amish here originate from a now-defunct Amish church at Stuarts Draft, Virginia (GC Waldrep, “The New Order Amish and Para-Amish Groups”, Mennonite Quarterly Review July 2008 p. 399). This Amish group maintain ties with other similar communities, such as the electric New Order Amish church at Union Grove in North Carolina.

Other Kentucky Amish communities

Numerous other Amish settlements are found across Kentucky – some very small with just a handful of households, others numbering hundreds of Amish residents. Among the noteworthy ones, Marion in Crittenden County is home to the third-oldest Kentucky Amish settlement, founded in 1977 and with four church districts today (approximately 450 people).

A clip-clopping buggy passes through an autumn landscape in the Marion, Kentucky Amish settlement. Photo: Don Burke

In addition to Guthrie and Crofton, a third, smaller electric New Order settlement can be found at Princeton in Caldwell County. This particular Amish subgroup has found Kentucky a welcoming state.

On the other end of the spectrum, Kentucky is also home to several ultraconservative Swartzentruber Amish settlements, one found in Hardin County near Sonora, and a second in Graves County near Mayfield.

A number of Kentucky counties are host to multiple Amish communities. Barren County is home to a pair of settlements founded in the 1980s, each with over 400 Amish residents, and a third community dating to 2014. Bath County also has three communities, including the Swiss Amish settlement at Owingsville (“Swiss” Amish communities have a distinct background and customs as compared to the majority “Pennsylvania Dutch” Amish).

kentucky amish hardin county
A conservative Amish settlement is found in Hardin County, Kentucky

Other Kentucky counties with multiple Amish settlements include Grayson, Henry, Lincoln, Logan, Fleming, Casey, and Breckinridge Counties. For a full list of Kentucky communities, check the 2023 Amish State & County Settlement list.

Amish in KY: A growing & diverse population

Kentucky is a state which has rapidly drawn new Amish settlement over the past 50 years. In fact, all of today’s Kentucky Amish settlements, except for two, have been founded during the last half century.

The Bluegrass State’s attractive location, lying adjacent to Amish-heavy states like Ohio and Indiana, and its relatively low land prices have led large numbers of Amish to settle within its borders.

A phone “shanty” at the end of the lane provides Amish telephone access while keeping the technology from disturbing the rhythms of family life. Hillsboro, Kentucky

According to the Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies, Kentucky has been among the fastest-growing states with Amish populations of significant size.

In fact, the Kentucky Amish population has nearly doubled since 2010, a rate which significantly outpaces the typical natural Amish growth rate. This is in large part due to high in-migration, which has continued at a high rate in recent years. And with its wide range of affiliations, from the most conservative to most progressive, Kentucky is a state which showcases the diversity of Amish society.

Kentucky Amish Grocery Store

In the video below, you will see the inside of a typical low-tech Amish grocery store. This is a “bent and dent” store, also known as a salvage grocery, in the Amish community at Hillsboro, Kentucky. These stores carry products with damaged packaging, or which are past their “Best by” dates.

This is a popular type of Amish-run business which attracts both Amish and non-Amish customers. The Amishman who runs the store explains how the business works and also some other interesting details, including how the shop gets its lighting.

Kentucky Amish Home

The video below gives you a look inside an Amish home in the Hillsboro, Kentucky Amish community. The Amish in this settlement are in some ways among the more conservative (e.g., lacking indoor plumbing), although they have been accepting technological change in recent years.

Along with the main home, we also see inside a dawdihaus, which is a smaller home built on an Amish property where traditionally the grandparents will live after transitioning away from full-time farming. All photos in this video by Tim Harris.

For further information, see:

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    1. Alice Aber

      This all sounds so neat. I wish I could just take a summer and travel to a lot of these places. Thanks for all your hard work on this site Erik. You do an awesome job!!

      Blessings, Alice

    2. Nelson

      Hello to every one of you who read these lines,
      If you are interested in going to visit Kentucky Amish Communities, do not quit visiting them until you have been to Millers Amish store on Highway 60 in Irvington , Kentucky,and had a visit with David V. Miller. And if he is in as good a mood as he should be, (depends on day , and situation) ,,,and if you are truly interested , he might be polite enough to invite you to their church services there in the community.
      And while you are visiting in Kentucky, I promise you that it will be worth your time if you go to Caneyville Christian Community in Caneyville , Kentucky and have a very good visit with the people living there. They are on Choncie Lee Rd in Caneyville KY.

    3. Al in Ky.

      For anyone interested in Amish art, an Amish
      store called J.T. Sales off Hwy. 88 east of Munfordville, Ky. sells artwork by D. L. Miller,
      an Amish artist. He paints scenes on turkey feathers and they are very beautiful. He also
      paints on canvas and prints are available, though
      I don’t think any originals are sold. There are
      many good Amish stores either directly on Hwy. 88
      or just off the highway — such as bulk food, furniture, greenhouse, jams and jellies, salvage
      grocery, hardware, fabric, etc. There is some
      beautiful scenery in the area also.

    4. Al in Ky

      CORRECTION to my previous post. J. T. Sales is
      WEST of Munfordville, not east. Also, the many
      Amish stores I mentioned are also west of Munfordville, between Munfordville and Cub Run, Ky.

    5. Mary Brandenburg

      Erik and all, I have a favor to ask of you… if you happen to know, or can find out, the name/address of the Amish family from Graves, Kentucky, that was in the news this morning (their buggy was swept away in a flooded creek), Darrell and I would like to send them a money card. In Holmes County “money showers”, “sticker sho…wers”, “card showers”, “scrapbooking showers”, etc. are very popular – not sure if they are done elsewhere or not, but we would still like to send an appropriate sympathy card/money card to the family. Many of our Mt. Hope friends would also like to send cards/money to the grieving family.

    6. What a shame. This poor family will never be the same

    7. Rich K

      Here is a link to an article but no names were mentioned.

    8. Lora

      Mary, I just found this site so you may have already obtained the needed information, but if not, expressions of sympathy can be sent to:

      Emanuel Wagler
      c/o Hammonds
      6237 State Route 339 South
      Mayfield, KY 42066

      Emanuel Wagler is the father of the three younger children and the uncle of the eleven year old. Ms. Hammonds owns the local cafe at Dublin and is spearheading the drive to raise funds for them. Hope this helps.

    9. Barbara M

      Does anyone know when the Amish Auction is in Fairview this month?

    10. Pam R

      This Saturday 9 am March 5th

    11. Amy

      There are two Old Order communities in Adair county. One in the Pellyton area and the other in Gradyville. They aren’t that big, though, and there’s a lot of migration out of here to Horse Cave.

      There is a sizable Mennonite (and other mix) community in the South Fork area of Casey county.

    12. Tom

      The Amish settlement in Lincoln county has 4 church districts. There are a variety of Amish businesses in the settlement. Here you can find a bulk food store, Amish bakeries,and several greenhouses and other variety stores.There is also a auction house for produce. The settlement is about an hour from Lexington.

    13. Marcus Yoder

      Hi Tom is this settlement close to Crab Orchard Ky.
      Marcus Yoder

    14. The White Family

      Amish School Benefit Supper & Auction 15/04/11

      Menu: grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, noodles, green beans, cole slaw, bread, pie, ice cream and drinks. Donations accepted for meal, so bring your family and friends to enjoy a night with good food and live auction! Quilt raffle tickets: $5 per ticket or 5 tickets for $20. Hand quilted queen size quilt – quilted by the May’s Like Amish Ladies. Location: Scenic View School on Helena Road (4 miles east of Mays Lick, Kentucky or 2.5 miles west of Wedonia, Kentucky on 324)
      Contact the following for information:
      Ray Yoder 606-763-9660, Norman Zook 606-763-9370, Lonnie Slabach

    15. Tom

      Yes Marcus this settlement surrounds the small town of Crab Orchard in Lincoln County and many people do call it the Crab Orchard Settlement.

    16. Marcus Yoder

      An Amish friend I went to school with in the mid 60s owns one of the stores.He moved away from the Plain City, Ohio area in the mid to late 60s. I knew he had grandchildren in the Crab Orchard area. I saw some Amish women selling baked good’s at a flea market close to Stanford and asked if they knew him. It ends up he is the bishop in their district. I have visited with him several times.
      Marcus Yoder

    17. Tom

      Sounds interesting Marcus, is his store Yoders Bulk Foods. I know the man that runs that is a Bishop.

    18. Marcus Yoder

      Yes his name is Wilbur Yoder
      Marcus Yoder

    19. Tom

      Hello Marcus, I generally go to their the store every few weeks to pick up some baked goods now that the baker has started baking again. They have some banana and pumpkin bread that goes well with some coffee. I do not mean to sound nosy but are you former Amish? Please feel free to not answer the question I noticed you said you went to school with a Amish Bishop in Plain city Ohio and your last name being Yoder just makes me curious.

    20. Marcus Yoder

      Hi Tom, my parent’s grew up Amish and were married Amish. They left the Amish soon after they were married, for the Mennonite faith.I still have a lot of Amish cousin’s.Wilbur is related, but you have to go back to a Christian Yoder from 1700, so not very close.My wife has an aunt,uncle, and cousin’s that live around Standford. One lives by the lake close to Crab Orchard. Their last name is Fitzpatrick. Marcus Yoder

    21. Tom

      Hello Marcus. The lake I believe you are referring to is called Cedar Creek Lake and is one of my favorite spots for Largemouth bass fishing. I don’t really know any Fitzpatricks personally, but I have a cousin that was a police officer in Lincoln County and he worked with another officer that was a Fitzpatrick. I see you said your parents became Mennonites, there is a Mennonite Church just up the road from me, but i am not sure of their affiliation. I also go visit the Old Order Mennonite community in Casey County from time to time. Casey County is about 30 minutes from Stanford. There is a hardware store there ran by Paul Martin who is married to the granddaughter of Moses Horning which I found interesting, given the colorful tale of the day he won the Lot to become Bishop and eventually take over the Weaverland Mennonite Conference.

    22. Juanita White


      A few years ago a friend and I went to look at some Amish furniture, and also found an Amish bulk foods store. We ate at a wonderful restaurant and I cannot remember the name. We also visited the Gileal (sp?) children’s home at Liberty. Does anyone know the location and name of that restaurant?

      1. Kristina


        Yes there is a wonderful restaurant ran my those in recovery and returning to living and working with real life and it is called Bread of Life. And the buffet is amazing and the staff is very friendly and approachable with questions

    23. Al in Ky.

      You are referring to the Galilean Children’s Home at
      712 S. Fork Church Road, Liberty, Ky. Their restaurant is the
      Bread of Life Cafe on S. Hwy 127, 5 miles south of Liberty.
      The Galilean Home has a large auction each fall at which many
      Amish and Mennonites and others donate many quilts and other
      items. I enjoyed going to the auction about five years ago and there were many Amish people in attendance. There are many Mennonite (and I think some Amish) young people who have done much service work at the Galilean Home through the years. Jerry Tucker, the director of the home, is one of the scribes for The Budget(Amish/Mennonite newspaper)and writes a letter in The Budget about once a month, although he is not Amish.

    24. Juanita White


      Thank you so much. Yes, now I remember. That is the name of the restaurant. I heard they are having flowers for sale during the weekends. Does anyone have any information about that?

    25. Al in Ky.

      New Community

      In the May 11, 2011, issue of The Budget it was reported that an
      Amish family from Crab Orchard, Ky., has moved to Hawesville, Ky.,
      to begin a new community. I hope we have even more new Amish
      settlements in Ky. in years to come!

    26. Kathryn

      Salvage grocery?

      Can someone tell me the names and locations of any salvage grocery stores in the Horse Case/Munfordville/Cave City area? I know of two but will be there in a couple of weeks and will hit as many as possible

    27. mark

      auction ????

      do the amish have a farm animal auction in hopkinsville,ky. if so when and where is the location ty.

    28. Al in Ky.

      Rocky Top Salvage is at 632 East Gap Hill Road at Cub Run, several
      miles west of Munfordville,off Hwy 88, phone 270-524-4780. I think it is closed Thursdays and Sundays. I have also been to an Amish salvage store east of Munfordville but don’t have a name or
      address. Also, if you have time, there is a huge Amish salvage
      store at Glendale, take exit 86 off I-65 and go north on Hwy 31W a
      few miles, store is on the left.

    29. Kathryn

      Thank you so much Al!!! I found four of them today including the two you listed above. There is one a couple miles before you get to Rocky Top. Also Yoders Variety store off HWY 88 is really interesting. If you want an authentic amish outfit, hat, bloomers, etc you will find it there. Beautiful farm also. I went the wrong way and ended up in Glendale. It was worth getting lost. It looks like a New England postcard. The shopkeepers tried to talk me into staying but I was running late.
      Thanks again!

    30. Catherine S. Pond

      Casey County Amish and Mennonites

      Dear Friends,

      You can find out more about our local communities here in Casey County, Kentucky–and their fabulous new Casey County Produce Auction (in the past three years) on South Fork Creek Road–at a new blog/on-line newsletter I have started at

      It is the place to learn about events, auctions, and agricultural offerings related to this beautiful farmland in south-central Kentucky. It is still in development, with tabs on specific information like shops and places to eat, but I wanted to let your readers know about it.

      Many thanks,

      Catherine S. Pond

    31. Casey County Produce Auction

      Catherine, thanks for letting us know–lovely produce photos on your site!

      1. New Casey County South Fork website

        Hello all,

        I have just begun putting together a website for our Old Order Mennonite Community in Casey County, just south of Liberty, KY. There is also a Schwartzentruber Family group moving into the area along with some Mennonite families from other states. We have the Galilean Christian Home located here, as well as a large produce auction, bulk food store, Amish-made furniture store, numerous greenhouses, produce stores, Amish/Mennonite clothing stores, handmade quilt shop,…and a lot more.

        You can check out the website at

        It is just beginning to have businesses listed, but will have new ones each week until completed, so keep checking back!

    32. Mary DeBrunner

      D. L. Miller

      Requesting information about D. L. Miller The Backroad Artist. Any info will be appreciated. We have 2 prints of his/hers from the Mill Series and would be interested in seeing any additiional ones. Thanks.

    33. Tom

      Kentucky keeps growing

      I see the new numbers show Kentucky has continued a growth pattern. According to the Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist studies at Elizabethtown College, Kentucky has grown to 69 districts.

    34. Al in Ky.

      I have bought D. L Miller’s prints and turkey feather paintings
      at J. T. Sales, 140 Archie Fryer Rd, Munfordville, Ky. 42765.
      Phone: 270-524-0140. The couple who operate that store are
      related to D. L. Miller. D. L. Miller is a man; I met and talked
      with him once at an Amish benefit auction at Munfordville.

    35. Tom


      Hello AL, if you don’t mind me asking, what part of KY are you from?

    36. charlene

      amish and 127 sale

      We are comming from lexington to the 127 yard sale next week. We would like to see some amish people and perhaps buy some things from them is there a area along that route where alot of amish live? can you suggest a side trip off 127 to a amish community for sight seeing and stores to perhaps shop?
      Thank you

      1. Old Order Mennonite into in Casey County

        Hi Charlene,

        Please check out our new blog here promoting local growers and shops in the Casey County area (there are fewer Amish here now but many Old Order Mennonites). Remember they are not open on Sundays. The website/blog is still in development but you can find basic information that I try to keep updated. Also, the Liberty-Casey County Chamber of Commerce website has an online brochure/map (I think) that you can access and print out.

        I highly recommend stopping at Sunny Valley Country Store (bulk foods) and the area produce places along the way on South Fork Creek Road (not too far off of 127–look for route 501 (there is always a large yard sale there) and follow the signs into the Mennonite region.

        Also, Misty Meadow (dry goods) and many of the produce places along the way as well as others. Bread of Life Cafe offers a decent buffet and menu offerings (on Hwy 127 south of Liberty before you get to the 501/127 junction).

        Please check out for more information or you can email me at

        Best wishes and happy yard sales!


    37. Tom

      Re: Charlene

      Hello Charlene, the old order Amish settlement of Crab Orchard (Lincoln County)is close to some parts of 1-27. From Danville head down 150, passing through Stanford and continue on 150 to Crab Orchard. About 25-30 minutes from Danville. In Crab Orchard you will find some Amish shops, if you come on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday you can attend the local produce auction. Also if you come on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, I would recommend going to Susan’s country bakery for some of the whoopie pies, and other baked items. The old order Mennonite community in Casey county is also a nice visit.

    38. Jeremiah

      Crittenden County Amish

      On way to KY Lake, a few weeks ago, took a little detour through Marion KY. Visited Amish Community (Yoder’s Variety Store) and bought a few things. Really beautiful area and my kids enjoyed the trip.

    39. Tessy Melton

      Deaf Amish/Mennonite


      I am wondering if there are Deaf Amish/Mennonites in Kentucky? I would like to know. Also, there is a Amish salvage/food store between Rowletts, Ky and Horse Cave, Ky on 31W (South Dixie Hwy from Munfordville) past the Amerigas propane gas place, the VFW place, and around the bend in the road it’s on the right side and you will see a sign. That would be James Wilson Rd. Then you turn right and cross railroad tracks, go up half a mile and the salvage store is there.

    40. Alie

      Fundraiser dinners in Crofton Ky

      Several years back some friends and I would attend dinners held in Crofton Ky. Can anyone tell me when and where these dinners are hled

    41. Andrew

      Please Email Me, If You Know the Answer

      I live in Hurricane, WV. I would like the know the closest Amish country for us to travel to, either in Ohio or KY. I would like it to be a bigger Amish country. Thank you! PLEASE EMAIL ME at

    42. Andrew

      Please Email Me, If You Know the Answer

      I live in Hurricane, WV. I would like the know the closest Amish country for us to travel to, either in Ohio or KY. I would like it to be a bigger Amish country. Thank you! PLEASE EMAIL ME at

    43. Melissa C

      RE: Looking for couples Amish clothing

      Need an Amish dress, apron, white bonnet, black bonnet. Also need men’s pants, shirt, suspenders & a hat. If I can purchase this please let me know. I’m located in Hart County. Thanks

      1. I think David is right and E bay may be worth a try, there are also some plain clothing retailers that sell online, if you just do a google search. There was discussion of where to buy hair pins on this post and I believe a couple of general plain clothing businesses were mentioned in the comments section:

    44. David

      Melissa C

      RE: Looking for couples Amish clothing

      Need an Amish dress, apron, white bonnet, black bonnet. Also need men’s pants, shirt, suspenders & a hat. If I can purchase this please let me know. I’m located in Hart County. Thanks


      1. Melissa C

        Found Amish Clothing

        I found an Amish Consignment Store right off HWY 88 going towards Cub Run Kentucky. All this time looking everywhere to include online and ebay, and it was just around the corner from where I live. This is a very interesting site which lead me to the consignment store and a lot more knowledge of my own community. Apparently I live in the largest community of Amish here in the State of Kentucky because I live in Munfordville. Which is Hart County a very beautiful place to live. Thanks for your help. Melissa

    45. Jasper

      Businesses in Christian County

      I’m familiar with the “plain”businesses around the Fairview area, but would like any info on Amish or other plain businesses around the other areas of Christian County, specifically the Lancaster County Amish settlement area. Interested in dry goods, furniture, hardware, etc. Thanks!!

    46. Jessica

      Amish Furniture

      There is a fairly new Amish furniture store just south of Elizabethtown on Dixie Hwy. And very often on Saturdays you can find an Amish family selling quilts and baskets at the Pilot Station off of exit 86 (Glendale). For anyone in the area, those are some wonderful things to check out!

    47. Janis

      Amish Clothing store online

      Our mailing address is:
      Gehman’s Country Fabrics
      540 Union Rd
      Lebanon, PA 17046

      Also look them up online and you can see what they have in their store. I think you can also order online as well. Many Blessings!

    48. Kristen



      I’m a college student, and I’m doing an Observation Project for an Anthropology class. I’m supposed to attend some kind of ritual, ceremony, meeting, or event that is at least 1 hour long and have a minimum of 5 people in attendance.

      I would love to try to observe a part of the Amish community whether that be a church service or something else (I noticed someone mention dinner get togethers). I got some good ideas from the comments on here but could anyone give me some direction or help on who I could contact or where I could go for this?


      1. Visiting Amish church service

        Kristen you need to go meet someone in person, it looks like you are in Kentucky? The Amish at Guthrie are New Order. If anyone would accommodate you they are probably one of the groups in KY more likely open to having you visit. No guarantees but it probably wouldn’t hurt if you visit, explain your purpose and just ask.

      2. Seeker

        Which college do you attend, or what area do you live in?

    49. Al in Ky.

      I think Erik’s suggestion is good of visiting the New Order group
      at Guthrie, Ky. Also, there is a New Order Amish group at Rosebud, Indiana (between Fredericksburg and Salem), about
      30 miles northwest of Louisville. There is an Amish discount
      grocery at Rosebud and you might want to visit there to find out more about possibly visiting a group gathering. You might also visit the Amish bulk food store at Willisburg, Ky, or the one at
      Irvington, Ky. and as Erik said, explain your purpose and just ask if they would be open to your visit.

      Also, if you cannot find an Amish group gathering to visit, you
      might consider attending a “singing” of a conservative Mennonite
      group that dresses plainly. About sixty miles west of Louisville
      is the Breckinridge Mennonite Church (phone 270-547-5611) and I
      think they have a “singing” one Sunday evening a month. I have met several members of the church and I found them to be very friendly. At the singing, you would likely experience several
      cultural differences from a typical Protestant church service.

    50. Kristen

      Thanks for the suggestions! I’m looking for places to look into with in a hour of Danville so some of these are too far. Any information on Yoder’s Store, Bread of Life Cafe, or Galilean Children’s Home?

      1. Al in Ky.

        There are several Yoder’s stores in Kentucky. What town is the
        one at you are referring to? Galilean Home and Bread of Life
        Cafe are both south of Liberty, Ky. They were begun by
        Jerry Tucker and his wife Sandy who is now deceased. Several
        plain groups, including Amish, are supportive of the home, but
        the Tucker family is not Amish. Yet, the home and cafe are both
        interesting places to visit, especially in the fall at their annual
        quilt auction which is attended by many Amish and Mennonite people.
        Call the home at 606-787-5120 for more information. They would
        welcome your visit!