Amish in Missouri

amish missouriDid you know that Missouri has North America’s 7th-largest Amish population, with roughly 9,500 Amish (Young Center, 2010)?

Missouri is a state, like New York or Wisconsin, that has attracted much Amish settlement in recent years.  The “Show Me” State has added roughly 2 dozen new settlements over the past two decades, averaging more than one new settlement per year.

Facts about Amish in Missouri:

  • Missouri is home to a handful of Swiss Amish communities
  • The community at Seymour in Webster County has the most church districts of any Missouri Amish settlement, with 12
  • Amish once lived in the “Missouri Bootheel” region

Read more on the Missouri Amish in today’s new entry in the Amish State Guide.

Amish in Missouri have also founded numerous small businesses, including carpentry companies, dry goods stores, and woodworking shops. Read more on Missouri Amish furniture.

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  1. Lois Klobucher

    I love these post I really would like to read more on the Wisconsin Amish, where they all are Thank You

  2. Thanks Lois and glad you asked. As a matter of fact Wisconsin is the next state in line. Should have that entry up next week.

  3. linda saul

    Thanks so much , enjoy all the info on Amish America. We haven’t been to Missouri but last year made our first trip to Lancaster. Oh such beautiful country. Can you tell me are the roads in Missouri, Amish country as narrow as in Lancaster? Also would love to hear more on Lancaster. Thanks

    1. Lori


      There is an Amish community near Leadmine, Mo. Most of the access roads are paved. There are a couple of stores down gravel roads (a country store and furniture store), but it is wide enough for a vehicle to get through. The furniture store has the narrowest road and a lot of potholes. It is narrow because it is off the beaten path (turn off paved state hwy to gravel road and then down a driveway). Make sure you are in a high-centered vehicle.

  4. Dena Casey

    I think some Amish tried to settle in Arkansas but it didn’t work out. Is this true? If so, why did they leave?

    1. Dena there are Amish in Arkansas, 3 small communities:

  5. George

    HI Erik,

    Are there any Amish settlemnts in Idaho?


  6. Hi Linda, many thanks! I really don’t have the info on the roads unfotunately–I imagine it varies? Will have a state guide entry on PA and Lancaster coming up sometime soon.

  7. Hi Dena, as of this year there are actually 3 Arkansas settlements, all very small (see the Young Center Amish Studies site for more). There’s never been a big Amish presence in Arkansas.

  8. Hi George,

    There was an Amish settlement for about 4 years near Bonner’s Ferry in Idaho, but it ceased to exist in 2004. There has actually never been much Amish settlement in Idaho.

  9. It is so wonderful that as a child in the 1970’s I never saw an Amish person in my town and only once in awhile in Nevada, but now I see them here in El Dorado Springs on occasion and frequently in Nevada. A young amish family recently opened a wonderful little store north of Walker MO. Thanks for all the posts on different states.

  10. Michelle-I had to do a double take on your comment, first having visions of Amish high rollers strutting into the MGM Grand Casino on the Vegas strip…then I realized that this Nevada is a town in Vernon Co in Missouri (of course). It reminded me of some of the colorful town names in MO (Leeper; Mexico) 😉

  11. LOl! We also have a town named Tightwad and one named Needmore. At one time there was a bank called the Bank of Tightwad. Wonder i it was hard to get a loan? LOl! Yeah nevada Mo isn’t pronounced the same as the state either.

  12. Michelle I have to guess–Ne-VAY-da?

  13. Kimberly Rumsey

    Narrow roads in mo

    I was raised in northeast MO, near Canton, MO. There are a few Amish communities in NE MO. To answer the question as to whether the roads are narrow? The side blacktop roads in the rural areas are narrow and with rolling hills the ditches on either side are deep. In MO there are many side blacktop roads in the rural areas. The main highways are wider, but also busier. Near the Amish communities, there caution signs that remind drivers to share the road with buggies. Hope this helps. God bless.

  14. Leann

    Webster County, MO

    We will be moving to Webster County, MO this fall 2012. I would love to know where the Amish food stores are? We have several wonderful Amish comunities here in Michigan. And I am going to miss shopping there for spices, cheese, soup mixes, and other goodies.

    1. Lin

      Leann, here’s a start for bulk food stores in the Webster County, Missouri area. Some are run by plain Mennonites. I have read that the Seymour Amish have a produce auction in season on Highway C. They also have a bake sale on the second and fourth weekends during the spring and summer.
      •SHADYSIDE Bulk Food, 3756 Highway 123, Dunnegan, MO. 417-754-1174 (Amish)
      •BYLER Building Supply and Country Store, 285 Star Road, Seymour, MO. 800-795-2995. Bulk food, health products, books, cheese, jam.

      •SHETLERS Discount Grocery, 200 Industrial Park Road, Cabool, MO. 417-962-2255, They also have a store in Mountain Grove.

      •Shetler’s Discount Grocery, State Hwy C., Seymour, MO. 417-935-9100

      •SHADY OAK Variety Shop, 171 Kelly Rd., Buffalo, MO 65622, 417-345-7050. Bulk food, cheese, dishes, books. (Amish-Mennonite)

      •MILLER’S Country Store, 3294 US HWY 73, Buffalo, MO. 417-345-5100

      •HOOVER’S Bulk Food Store, 9376 HWY 52, Versailles, MO. 573-378-6699

      •Schrock’s Country Store, 26998 Highway 65, Warsaw, MO. (660) 438-0019

      Also see

  15. alan

    St. Clair, MO

    I’ve noticed the buggy & horse sign east of St. Clair on Why 30 the last few times I’ve been that way and have looked along the way to see any indications of some Amish living out that way haven’t seen any. Any idea is there is some out that way now?

  16. Mike Caron

    Amish taxi to Ohio or Maine

    I am driving from awrence, Kansas to Holmes County, Ohio stopping there to visit my brother in Millersburg before driving on to Freedom, Maine, which is beside the new Amish communities in Thorndike and Unity. I am not asking any monetary compensation, and would be willing to drive a bit out of my way to pick up up to three passengers for any leg of the trip or return. My departure date from Kansas is Wednesday January 28th and I will be leaving Maine on February 9th. Of course severe weather could slightly delay or modify those plans. Anyone in a position to pass on this invitation to Amish communities generally along this route or who have suggestions about how I might make this offer available to interested Amish who would like to travel to any of the communities generall between these destinations please respond and I will share contact information and character reference if desired.

  17. Sandy

    Visiting Amish Community

    Hello. I am looking for an Amish community to visit and purchase food items from. I live in St Peters, Mo which is St Charles County. I am not sure where to look. My neighbor went to a place in Illinois. However I see that there are possibly several communities in Missouri. Thinking one in Bowling Green might be the closest however distance really does not matter. Could you please e mail me several places I could visit? Much appreciated.

    Sandy Hennen

  18. Corn & other question

    How do I contact the Amish in Seymour missouri?

  19. Dan Rittenberry

    I’m looking for an Amish Community or a group of Amish Women, who will finish a project for me. I have a quilt top that needs to be finished and then a quilt made from it. It was started by my beloved sister, and unfortunately she didn’t have time to finish it. I obtained this particular guilt from her estate.

    Several years ago I found a group from around Rogersville, whose children went to school with my great niece. This group finished about a half of a dozen quilts of different sizes for me. I wish I knew how to contact someone who will finish the top and then make me a quilt. The name of the top is Grandma’s Flower Garden and I have all the pieces already cut out. My only request is that it have a scalloped edge.