amish missouriDid you know that Missouri has North America’s 7th-largest Amish population, with roughly 9,500 Amish (Young Center, 2010)?

Missouri is a state, like New York or Wisconsin, that has attracted much Amish settlement in recent years.  The “Show Me” State has added roughly 2 dozen new settlements over the past two decades, averaging more than one new settlement per year.

Facts about Amish in Missouri:

  • Missouri is home to a handful of Swiss Amish communities
  • The community at Seymour in Webster County has the most church districts of any Missouri Amish settlement, with 12
  • Amish once lived in the “Missouri Bootheel” region

Read more on the Missouri Amish in today’s new entry in the Amish State Guide.

Amish in Missouri have also founded numerous small businesses, including carpentry companies, dry goods stores, and woodworking shops. Read more on Missouri Amish furniture.


Amish-made cheese

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