Amish Furniture – Missouri (6 Stores)

Missouri Amish FurnitureA directory of Amish furniture in Missouri – Around 17,000 Amish call the Show Me State home, with numerous Amish furniture makers among them. Whether you live in St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, Columbia, Independence, or other locations in Missouri, Amish furniture is within reach.

Missouri Amish furniture makers produce bedroom suites, dining room sets, office furnishings, children’s furniture, outdoor and poly furniture, chairs, tables, kitchen cabinets, and more.  Missouri Amish furniture craftsmen sell furniture both direct to the public and through non-Amish furniture retailers.

Missouri Amish furniture stores list

Amish Furniture

Hardwood Creations‎
3125 East 6th Street
Joplin, MO 64801-5512
(417) 623-3323‎
Amish children’s furniture, tables, chairs, hutches, living rooms (sofas, recliners, ottomans, occasional tables), entertainment centers (consoles, corner and wall units), bedroom suites (beds, dressers) and more.  Hardwood construction from oak, maple, hickory, cherry, etc.

Amish Country Store‎
3100 North Gretna Road
Branson, MO 65616-7243
(417) 335-3200‎
Amish-made furniture and food items, cookbooks, baking supplies.

Amish Furniture Gallery
1101 Market Dr
Mexico, MO 65265
(573) 581-0076‎
Featuring Simply Amish brand furniture.

Amish Peddler‎
915 South Main Street
St. Charles, MO 63301-3445
(636) 925-0066‎
Primitive pine furniture as well as the Simply Amish brand of Amish-made furniture, home accessories.

Country Heritage Furniture
31301 Missouri 6
Jamesport, MO 64648-7392
(660) 684-6650
Store Hours: Mon-Sat 9-5‎
Amish furniture outlet located in the Jamesport Amish community; dining room tables, chairs, desks, computer centers, more.

Mistler’s Oak Furniture
601 N. Hwy 47
Union, MO. 63084
Store Phone: 636-583-7703
Cell Phone: 314-308-9030
Carries Amish and Custom built furniture for every room in your house and more. Mistler’s displays a full line of dining room, bedroom, office, family room and outdoor furniture that last for generations. Owners Robert Mistler and John Williams source their furniture from Amish manufacturers in three states.

Looking for Amish furniture outside Missouri? The Amish Furniture main listings feature a directory of Amish furniture sellers across North America.

Note to Missouri residents: Please be sure to check opening hours of any Amish furniture businesses listed in this guide before traveling long distances.  While we strive to keep this directory up-to-date, business locations and schedules can change.  Not responsible for changes to information. 

Show Me State Amish woodcraft

Missouri has become a very important state for Amish settlement.  Missouri has a number of well-established Amish communities which continue to grow.  The three largest, at Seymour (Webster County), Jamesport (Daviess County), and Clark (Audrain/Randolph County) have Amish populations exceeding 1,000 each. Missouri has also seen an influx of Amish, with numerous smaller communities being established over the past decade. Today, Missouri’s Amish population numbers about 17,000, in over 60 communities (read more on Missouri Amish).

Though Amish are best known for farming, woodworking has become a very important trade, in many communities surpassing agriculture in terms of importance and number of families involved.  Furniture making offers Amish in Missouri and other states a way of making a living at a relatively low initial investment (with the expense of setting up a small furniture workshop typically exceeded by the cost of a farm).

missouri amish wood working
Wood working is an important occupation for Amish in Missouri and other states

Though farming is generally seen by Amish as the ideal occupation, furniture making has come to be seen as a good substitute.  Since land prices are high in many communities, and Amish population growth is strong, farming is not as feasible an option for Amish as it once was.  For many Missouri Amish, furniture making is an attractive choice that allows the family to work together, at a manageable cost of entry.

Amish furniture styles

Missouri Amish furniture comes in a range of styles and designs.  Popular styles include:

  • Mission
  • Shaker
  • Colonial
  • Craftsman
  • Queen Anne
  • Contemporary
In addition to a wide range of styles, Amish furniture can be customizable by the choice of wood, as well as stain.  Popular woods used in Amish furniture include:
  • Oak
  • Quarter-sawn Oak
  • Cherry
  • Rustic Cherry
  • Maple
  • Walnut
  • Black Walnut
  • Cedar
  • Elm
  • Poplar
  • Ash
  • Hickory
  • Pine

Amish are known for their use of hardwoods and avoidance of particle board, pressed wood, and veneer.  Though some Amish furniture businesses do their own staining and finishing, Amish finishing shops play an important role in the increasingly specialized Amish furniture industry.

Attention to detail and fine craftsmanship have earned Amish furniture the “instant heirloom” label.  Buyers of Amish furniture in Missouri and elsewhere expect to keep their Amish furniture pieces for the long haul.  Amish themselves pass on heirloom pieces of furniture from one generation to the next, and thus have a good appreciation for quality, durability, and longevity.

The Amish woodworking business 

Visiting an Amish woodworking shop, you’ll probably notice the non-descript nature of the place.  Amish businesses are hardly flashy, and Amish furniture shops are no exception. Typically located at the home, Amish furniture workshops often occupy an unused building – sometimes set up in an old tobacco shed – or might be housed in a structure specially constructed for the purpose.

However, one thing is for sure – Amish don’t build overly fancy buildings in which to house their furniture workshops.  Functionality is more important than impressing visitors with a fancy exterior or elaborate waiting area.  Due in part to this common-sense, bottom-line approach to expenses, Amish are able to produce quality furniture at a reasonable price.

Buying Amish furniture in Missouri

That said, a number of Amish furniture makers will maintain a retail end to their furniture business, through which customers can purchase from a standard line of furniture available for perusal in a display showroom.  Typically, retail Amish furniture establishments are set up to be more inviting than the average bare-bones workshop.  Amish furniture outlets will also produce catalogs for their customers to peruse.

Perhaps the most common arrangement in the Show Me State (and elsewhere) is for an Amish furniture maker to sell his goods through a Missouri Amish furniture dealer.  Amish furniture retailers are typically not Amish themselves, but partner with Amish craftsmen to sell their woodcraft in large Amish furniture showrooms, by special order, or to make furniture available online.

Speaking of which, a final popular option is to order Amish furniture online. Benefits include the ability to view a wider range of furniture than would be possible in person, and in some case the ability to customize furniture. Ultimately, seekers of Amish furniture in Missouri have numerous choices when it comes to buying Amish-made home furnishings.

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    1. Bedroom Furnature

      Looking for a Cedar Chest for the bedroom.

    2. Karla

      We’re looking for Amish Polywood Outdoor Furniture. What would be the closest in Missouri to St. Louis?

    3. Sandy Drummond

      Dining Room Chairs

      We have had a dining room set, Colonial style, for 40 years. The buffet and table are still in excellent condition, except for possible refinishing need of table top. The chairs, however, need some repair and refinishing. What would be the closest workshop to Springfield, MO which might be able to do this? If this is not possible, can chairs be made to match the table style? If so, where? Are there a couple of options for us to explore?

    4. Mike

      Kitchen Cabinets

      I have heard there is an Amish cabinetmaker in or around Bowling Green Missouri. I have heard that the prices there are very reasonable… However I have not been able to find the place. I live in St. Louis and I willing to travel in order to shop and pick up cabinetry if it is at a good price and of high-quality. Any recommendations on where I might look for such items I would appreciate… Thank you

      1. Kaiti

        Amish Location

        You are looking For The Eicher Family, J&D Woodworking shop.

    5. The Curtis Family

      Barn Raising

      Is there is a group that will do a smaller type Barn raising in Tontitown AR?

    6. Yvonne Williams

      table legs

      I have an Amish oak pedestal dining room table. I cherish the craftsmanship and beauty of the table. I bought it from Crowley Furniture in Liberty, MO. I would like to know how to straighten one of the legs of the table. Do I need to have someone do it for me? I am a senior citizen.

      1. Straightening a table leg

        Yvonne I would recommend getting back in touch with those folks to get an answer for your question, I don’t know if anyone here is equipped to advise. The store may be able to provide that information, and who knows, maybe that is something that they will do for you as a previous customer. I hope you can get that sorted out.

    7. Frank Durtschy

      Nook Table, Benches and Chairs?

      Do any of the Amish furniture stores have a nice nook trestle table, benches and chairs in stock or on the floor? I live in the Ozarks and want to purchase a nice set.

    8. jan

      looking to have furniture built/unfinished

      i am looking for someone to build me a 3 drawer later file cabinet and i would like it to be unfinished . also i am looking for a cabinet/dresser with several drawers . some call it a apothecary and some call it cd dresser. what i am looking for is it to have 17 drawers or 21 drawers something to that effect i would like the drawers to be able to hold quilt supplies but the last 2 drawers be able to hold large quilting rulers/ possibly mats is that doable i am looking into having a sewing table built ????

    9. Frank R. Durtschy

      Trestle Table

      23-30 years ago, the John Boos company which makes cutting boards and butcher blocks made a trestle table also. The ends opened up to place additional leaves in it. Does anyone make a trestle table similar? I want one.

    10. Sue

      Cut down a large table

      I have a 10ft solid Amish made oak trestle table. I am looking for someone to cut it down 2Ft (or 4 ft. and add a leaf). Do you know of anyone who can do this in the Amish community or actually anyone. We live in the Kansas City area but would take it anywhere to get it done.

    11. Tania H.


      I am wanting to travel to Bowling Green, Mo to talk to the cabinet makers up there about making them for our new house we are building. Does anyone know the hours and how their prices compare to other custom cabinet shops? Thanks in advance!

    12. Joyce Reinmuth


      I have a very large Black Cherry tree I would like a dining table made from. The tree has to come down to build a new home. If I could get an Amish builder interested in the task, the remainder of tree is theirs.

    13. Georgia Plumb

      Tree I'm cutting down

      I have a tree I want to have cut down. It is a large one and I was wondering if you could use the wood? I can send a picture if you want.

    14. Marie powers


      I am looking to carry some amish furniture in my store – can you direct me to someone to sign up for wholesale purchases.
      Marie Powers
      Vintage Rose

    15. Cheryl Schwalbe

      Cedar Kitchen Cabinets

      I am looking for someone who makes Cedar cabinets and will install in the central Missouri area.

    16. Kerri Willing

      Amish office furniture makers

      I am looking to have a custom reception area counter and conference table built. I am in Northeast Missouri but would travel a reasonable distance.

    17. Travis Ferguson

      Poly wood Adirondack maker

      Hello, I am looking for Missouri (or surrounding area) poly wood outdoor furniture makers. I am a reseller in Missouri, Colorado and the gulf coast USA areas.

    18. Paula

      Hoosier chair.

      Around 2005, I purchased a farm table and 6 Hoosier chairs from a Simply Amish dealer in Centerview, MO (it was a shop on the north side of 50 Hwy in Johnson County, MO. about 6 miles west of Warrensburg, MO on 50.)

      I now have a son-in-law and two grandchildren, which makes my total family 7. I would like to get another Hoosier chair made for the newest granddaughter’s use when she’s old enough to move from her highchair to the table. The chairs have a Simply Amish medallion on the underneath side of the seats along with the finish/color #. I was told if I ever needed to have another chair, I could get one made from any Simply Amish dealer.

      The shop in Centerview has closed and the building now houses a quilt shop. I am having a devil of a time finding a Simply Amish dealer who will make this chair. Any ideas where I can go? I live north of the river in Kansas City, MO and am willing to drive to get this chair ordered and made.

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    19. Floyd Henderson

      Looking to have our church pews refurbished at Bennett Spring Church of God. Wanting to get an estimate.

    20. Marlene Oleksak

      Reclaimed barn wood frame

      I’m looking for someone who would make a frame for a 30×40 canvas out of reclaimed barn wood. Do you have any suggestions for who might be willing to do this kind of work?

    21. Jessica Simerl

      Amish/Mennonite furniture

      There is a place called Oakwood Industries in Memphis, Missouri. You all might contact them about your needs. They make quality furniture and are either Amish or Mennonite owned. I am not sure which, the area has a lot of members of both communities in it.

    22. Lisa O.

      Custom Work Needed

      I have a set of six walnut dining chairs, three of which I am looking to have made into counter height stools (24 inches). I live in Kansas City. Is there an Amish wood apprentice or craftsman that I could talk to about this custom modification? The chairs belonged to my mother and are very special.