Amish Cook: Wedding Report

Gloria Yoder reports back on the wedding that she wrote about preparing for last week. It was held last Friday at her home. The bride was a friend of hers named Carolyn. I like this account because it reveals some details and even concerns that you probably wouldn’t think of unless you were Amish and had a lot of experience with these sorts of occasions. Here’s an excerpt (the first five paragraphs) to show you what I mean:

Friday morning was the hustle of last-minute detail; there was mopping the kitchen a final time, getting breakfast for the children, dressing them in their Sunday best, and of course washing those last fingerprints from the windows. It was an overcast but beautiful morning for the wedding.

By 6:30 a.m. the first buggies and vehicles turned into our driveway by those who had come to help with noon meal preparations.

As I met the bride and groom, I gave Carolyn a hug. Her day had finally come. She looked beautiful in her light cream gray dress. Next Julia and Daniel help me set up six chairs on the front porch for the bridal party to sit on. From there they watched people come in the driveway, some of which came to shake hands with them. Others busied themselves preparing food in the shop, placing brownies with topping and fresh fruit on individual plates, getting salad ready and the 101 other details that go with feeding several hundred people.

Since we were punch servers we didn’t have any morning job with the food, so we sat to the side and chatted with friends and answered questions that go with hosting events. I was amazed how well things seemed to flow and how great everyone did.

By 9 a.m. the services began with a German hymn. As we sang, rain began pelting on the roof. Silently I told God that we’d be so thankful to not have it rain during the sermon, since there was no insulation in the ceiling and, with not having a mic system, it could create challenges. I felt at rest, knowing God was in charge, I was eager to see how it would come together. As the first minister, Carolyn’s dad, rose to his feet and spoke the second sentence, the rain stopped.

Gloria also describes how they overcame one challenge with frozen punch mix, among other things. Read the rest of it here.

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    1. Nancy

      Amish Weddings

      Thank you for your write up on all Amish input.
      I love everything Amish.
      I know they are very hard workers and they have the same problems all English have but for some reason I always feel peace when I am reading or watching movies.
      Thank you for all yours writings and info on their lives and always look forward to your input on Amish items.

    2. Nancy Lynn

      Amish Weddings

      I can not even imagine peeling that many potatoes.
      I wondered if they are just boiled and left or if they are mashed or different ways are done with them.