In a recent piece for The Washington Post (“Inside the seldom seen world of the Amish”), photojournalist Michael Hanson gives readers a glimpse inside the heavily-Amish Mount Hope Auction with some interesting behind-the-scenes images.

In the one below, for example, the man is described as attempting to “distract and spook” the horse to prepare it to be calm before the large auction crowd. “A calm horse is a more valuable horse” notes the caption. Nice balance there.


There are also photos taken at an Ohio Amish farm and in the community at Unity, Maine, with a diversion into the story of a formerly Amish man who left that community.


You’ll also notice men wearing something like a mustache in the Unity photos, which is an unusual practice specific to that Amish community and at least one other.


You can view all the photos (16 total) and read accompanying captions here.

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