An Amish “Go-Kart”

A reader sends in the following set of photos, of an improvised vehicle in northern Indiana.  I guess we could call this an Amish go-kart.


“It was quite a custom job,’ he explains.  “The steering wheel was fabricated of round steel stock powered by a Honda engine with a drive belt to the rear axle. Whoever assembled it was quite creative.  I have no idea what the steering linkage is.”


Both the vehicle’s dimensions and eyewitness reports suggest that the driver is on the wee side.


This isn’t the only go-kart type vehicle in the area.  Our photographer adds:  “There is a youth who lives [nearby] who drives a wagon go-cart.  It’s basically a little red pull wagon that he mounted an engine on and uses a pull handle to steer.  It looks awkward to drive, but we’ve seen him using it several times.”

Amish or English, fellas like things that go fast.

Caption This


While we’re on the topic of engines, this photo was taken outside of an Amish-owned engine shop.  Bold birds, I say.  Your captions welcome.

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    1. City Slicker


      Pssst! Wanna buy a duck?

    2. Amanda C.


      Here at Yoder’s engine shop, we really do keep our ducks in a row!

    3. Slightly-Handled-Order-Man

      Das Quackers!

      Here are some that I came up with:

      “The horses can find their own hitching post, boys, this ones OURS”

      “The consensus at the seasonal Church Council Meeting that certain parts of the community’s Ordnug was literally for the birds, and a duck only hitching post was proof”

      “We call them ducks Marv, Jacob, Aaron, Eli, and in honor of that Polish book seller and blogger guy that keeps hanging ‘round: Erik”

      “These ducks converted to the Amish faith, but its pretty hard to have them keep the little straw hats and prayer caps on their heads”

      “The Amish Duck Mafia”

    4. Char

      A new bird wishes to join the Amish Duck Dynasty.

    5. Caption

      AMISH ducks OUT OF ORDER

    6. Terry Berger

      MR Ducks

      “Hey, this is the last time we let Fred choose what bar we’re going to hang out at.”

    7. Juanita Cook
      1. Juanita Cook

        That should have said Quackers On The Rail

    8. Power Mower

      Here’s one more engine anecdote meant for this post, from the same contributor:

      “An Amishman…brought [a local engine shop owner] an old lawn mower and an old 4-cylinder engine that was taken out of a car and asked him to try putting the engine in the lawn mower. [The owner] said he would try but after looking at it I explained there was no way because it was a fuel injected engine, so the owner came back and picked up both.

      If it had been possible, what would he have done with it?”

      1. Sherry

        Phot Caption

        HITCHING POST??!!! ooooooooooh…..I thought they said Pigeon Post.

    9. Carol


      I thought rubber tires were a no-no.

      1. Carol in most Amish communities, that’s usually the case for tractors, to discourage driving the tractors on the road like a car. You might see them on things like children’s wagons however.

    10. George

      Looks to me, these ducks wanted to be photographed, so all know that they are not just ducks, but Amish ducks!

    11. Alice Mary

      5 quackers, no cheese.

      1. Linda

        Oh, Alice Mary, you are the queen of captions and comment titles. Your caption made me laugh.

        The only caption I could think of is “hitching roost.”

    12. brett musser

      You girls save my spot, I’m gonna see if this place has a restroom.

    13. Linda

      Duck Yoga

      We learned it in our yoga class–it’s called “One-Legged Duck” pose, and it helps align the Quack.

    14. Tom Geist

      Who is bringing the soup…. I’ve got the quackers!

      Everyone was wondering if the bishop had been dipping into the ‘special recipe’ because he decreed that horses are out and ducks are in for traveling.

      Under the tutelage of their coach, the young ducks prepare for the winter Olympics on the balance beam.

      Ducks, its what for dinner.

      OK, you guys up there, I want you to straighten up and fly straight.

    15. Mary Yoder

      Go Cart & Ducks

      Rack Hackers

      (We call it a hitching rack)

    16. Slightly-Handled-Order-Man

      Be careful out there among them foul fowl

      “Hey guys, I love the winter season, check out all those black felt hats we could poop on! We ain’t been practicing precision dropping for nothin’!”