Amish Girl Musical Group Plays For Plain Crowd (Video)

Here’s another Amish musical performance. This one stands out for two reasons – instruments, and a big audience.

The scene is the Mt. Hope Kidney Fund Auction in Mt. Hope, Ohio. You can see by the backs of heads that this crowd is filled with Amish people.

On stage are three Amish girls. Recently we heard the songs of two Amish sisters, one of whom played the guitar. Here we have all three girls playing an instrument – one on keyboard, another on guitar, and the third on accordion.

The song is “Far Side Banks Of Jordan”. The video quality is not great – you get nearly as much crowd murmur as you do the song – but you get a good sense of the experience. It’s not everyday you come across an Amish musical group.

The Mt. Hope Kidney Fund, by the way, helps provide assistance for people suffering from kidney-related ailments. This year’s auction is scheduled for June 6th.

This is one of several “public” performances by young Amish people on YouTube. It recalls another video from Pinecraft in Florida, where a group of girls known as the Tri Valley Singers from Ohio play a similar array of instruments for an Amish crowd.

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    1. Jeff Hicks


      I just like that she’s playing a Korg synthesizer! 🙂

    2. Geo


      Them things ain’t cheap niether. And what the heck is powering it and the amp? Is there kerosene powered amps? Just wondering is all.

      1. I don’t know who exactly owns these facilities, but they look to be on the grid, so I would think those amps and equipment are probably just plugged into a good old socket or two.

    3. Barbara

      Amish Girl Musical Group

      I really enjoyed what I could hear of the trio. I found it rather rude of the crowd to be talking while the girls performed. They have sweet voices.

    4. Roberta

      Beautiful Voices

      I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this beautiful song by 3 lovely Amish girls. Their voices were amazing. Thank you for sharing.

      1. Glad you liked it Roberta. It would be something to enjoy in person.