The Amish often ignore daylight savings time.  Tradition and symbolic separation from the world are often cited as reasons why.

But with closer economic ties with non-Amish society, things have begun to change.

Amish in northern Indiana, many of whom work in the RV industry, were compelled to follow daylight savings time for the first time this year.  An informal survey of dozens of local Amish failed to turn up a single person pleased with it.

This may be due to the Amish habit of working til dusk, regardless of the clock.  Kids tend to stay up an hour later too.  With many factory workers getting up around 4 am to get to work, some local Amish were ‘just plain wore out’.

Link (no longer online) to an article on the fast time/slow time dilemma in another large Amish settlement, Ohio’s Geauga County.

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