Branch County, Michigan is home to 5 Amish settlements.  I visited two of them a couple of days ago.  Some photos:

amish branch co mi potatoes

On a little red potato treasure hunt.

michigan amish branch county windmill

My favorite kind of sky.

amish tetherball


branch county michigan amish farm

Can you say sunny.

amish produce branch co michigan

Healthy stuff.

amish branch co michigan porch

While farming is still important to many Amish, others have started small enterprises. Michigan Amish businesses include small stores, carpentry crews, and woodworking shops (read more on Michigan Amish furniture).

I’m actually returning to Michigan today (I have been in Elkhart-Lagrange, Indiana the past couple days, if you like you can read more here on Amish in Michigan).

I’m meeting with Lovina Eicher and Kevin Williams, aka The Amish Cook and The Amish Cook’s editor, at Lovina’s home.

Looking forward to it. I’m going to ask Lovina if she knows any Polish recipes (Amish-style pierogi anyone?)

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