On this week’s buggy heater post, Don Curtis mentioned an unusual carriage which had appeared in his son’s Amish community in Ohio:

He said that there is a family from Allen County, Indiana that has recently moved into the Belle Center community. They still drive an open two seater surrey. However, this winter they have placed a kind of enclosed cab over the back seat of the surrey. The parents still ride out in the open on the front seat but the children are enclosed in this cab in the back.

Above, you can see what Don was talking about (your captions welcome…and thank you Torey for the photo).  The “kid box” is seen only among the Swiss Amish, and only in certain communities (mainly Allen County).  Swiss Amish maintain an open buggy-only tradition, but the kid box is an accepted innovation that gives young children some protection from the elements.  Not recommended if you’re claustrophobic.


Amish-made cheese

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