amish wedding pen

I was just digging through my things and came across the pen above, picked up while visiting Amish communities earlier this year.

This pen commemorates the wedding of Steven and Lydia, married this past spring in Ohio.  Keepsakes and souvenirs such as this memorialize Amish weddings in many communities.

Remembrance items can range from pens with the couple’s name and date of marriage, to painted porch planters to wall hangings.

Amish often acquire similar commemorative pieces on the birth of a child, such as framed prints with the child’s name and date of birth, or personalized decorative plates.  It’s also common in many Amish homes to see a wall hanging with parents’ names and names and birth dates of all the children in a family, often an embroidered piece.

Amish homes are modestly decorated, and possessions are minimal compared with those of most non-Amish.  But some Amish remember the important days–when two are united as one, or when new life enters the world–with simple keepsakes such as this pen.

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