Ever see an Amish buggy like this?

I’m working on a huge Amish buggy post for Friday.  Many photos, including some lesser-known buggy styles and designs.  One example:

unusual amish buggy

Extra credit to anyone who knows where this photo was taken.

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    1. Dave

      Erik, it looks fairly standard to me. It has the typical canvas sides that role up. Thats what I’m used to seeing. No triangle though. I’m guessing Indiana because of the court case they won not to use triangles.

      1. The main thing here is the reflectors.

      2. Habitatmann

        Oswego County NY

        Our growing Amish community in Amboy/Williamstown,Oswego County, NY
        do not use triangles. They do use strips of silver reflective tape.
        Occasionally after dark one can see a dull red lantern attached to the rear corner of the buggy. “Our” Amish are of the old order Swartzentruber group.

    2. Kathy Rowe

      I haven’t ever seen a buggy exactly like that one. Possibly a Michigan buggy? I don’t believe it’s Indiana. If my memnory serves me correctly, I think Indiana buggies have to have a license plate on them. It’s been a few years since I was at the Amish area in Indiana, but I think that is the state where I saw all the buggies with tags.

    3. Lance


      This buggy is owned by someone in full fellowship with the place I was or one of its daughter communities. So, I will let others guess for a while before I let the cat out of the bag!


      1. Thanks for keeping the cat in the bag for awhile yet Lance 🙂

    4. Dena

      the rectangle reflectors are certainly different. I’ll say the photo was taken outside a barn on someone’s farm! LOL Sorry, that’s as close as I can get.

    5. Patty

      Ever See an Amish buggy like this?

      Is it in Michigan?

    6. It’s not in Michigan nor Grayson County.

    7. Katie Troyer

      It is not a Holmes County buggy.

    8. Robin Miller

      And definitely not from Lancaster County or Southern Maryland … very strange reflectors!! Maybe a settlement in Cananda?

      1. Robin Miller

        LOL …. I meant CANADA!!!

        1. At least you didn’t say Canadia!

          No, it is in the US. Somewhere in the Midwest, to be more precise. It is an Amish buggy.

          1. Robin Miller

            Funny you say that Eric … my husband always says “Canadia” in a joking way. Hmmmmmm … maybe Texas? I’m just guessing!!

    9. Marilyn fron New York

      It looks like the Old ORder Mennonite in NEw York State. I have friends of mine who are Old ORder Mennonite and have one very similar to this. So I am going to go with New York State-my home state.

    10. daniel

      Is it Minnesota? Looks like a load bearing buggy.

    11. Ever see an Amish buggy like this?

      Near Ashland, OH?

    12. Sue

      Near Ashland – Route 58?

    13. Amish Stories

      I know where it is!

      I know where it is, its in a new Amish settlement in New Jersey from a new sect called “the gambino Amish”. They all talk with their hands and say things like “forget about it”. Richard http://www.Amishstorys.com

      1. It does have kind of an intimidating look. For some reason I thought “Darth Vader”.

    14. Vicki McDonald

      I am going to guess a Swartzentruber Amish buggy due to the lack of a triangle. And the red barn with a metal roof! Somewhere in Indiana perhaps? Thanks for the great pictures!

    15. Debbie Welsh

      I was going to say the same thing, near Ashland, Ohio, as it looks like a Swartzentruber Amish buggy?

    16. Christina

      Those are interesting reflectors. I would say it’s from a Swartentruber community somewhere, but then again, the reflectors still look to fancy for them.

      I’ll take a stab…somewhere in Indiana?

    17. Bruce, Sue, and Debbie are getting closer, but it’s not Ashland…

    18. Well I’ll guess then it is Medina

    19. I’ll bet that buggy is from Missouri ?????

    20. Alice Aber

      I think I would have to guess in Indiana near where the Amish build the RVs??? Just a complete off the wall guess as I have never been there, LOL.


    21. Vicki McDonald

      Hmmmm… Maybe somewhere in Wayne County, Ohio? Wooster? I am not too far from there!

    22. Lee Ann

      Looks like its from Michigan. Minn. and IA don’t have buggies like that, nor reflectors like that.

    23. Interesting guesses keep rolling in, no one’s hit it yet!

    24. Al in Ky.

      Is it from Homerville, Ohio?

    25. Denise

      Ever see a buggy like this?

      Well, from the Midwest and no one has mentioned it yet? I’ll bring my state into it and guess, mind you. Is it Iowa? If so, maybe Hazleton…..

    26. Osiah Horst

      I know I am wrong but

      I know I am wrong since you say it is in the mid west but I saw one like it near Huevelton in upper New York State yesterday. I would agree that it has to be a Swartzentruber buggy since it shows only the reflectors and no triangle.

    27. rick

      Based on Stephen Scott’s book “Plain Buggies” (page 36), either Hardin County (OH) or the Swartzentruber’s in general in Ohio.

    28. Lance

      We have a winner!

      The buggy is from Hardin Co.! This buggy style is also used in Gladwin (north) and Hillsdale Co in Michigan. Notice that the buggy does not have brakes! Yikes! The top of this buggy is masonite, where as Swartzentruber buggies have tops made out the same plastic cloth material as the sides and back. Also, the back of this buggy has a full width roll up flap. On Swartz. buggies, the flap is only as wide as the very bottom of the buggy, the rest is permanent. The reflective strip on Swartz. buggies is divided around the perimeter of the back, not mounted on a board. This buggy has a bracket for hanging a lantern. Some people have said that they cannot see these lanterns even up close. Last time I was visiting my Amish friends, I checked and it is not at all hard to see a buggy with these lanterns at even a mile away, which is as I remembered. At a quarter of mile, they were very visible. I can say that on occasion the lanterns do blow out and the occupants don’t always notice, happened to me several times.

      Congrats rick!


      1. Ellie

        Hardin County!

        I should have guessed Hardin Co.! * I have a lot of family there, and though it’s a mere 2 hours away, I haven’t been back since my great-grandma ( my last link to the Amish ) died in 1994. * You don’t have any more Hardin Co / Kenton area photos, do you?? *

        1. Lance


          Nice to meet someone who knows the Kenton circle! You can find about 170 or so pictures of the Hardin Co Amish here: http://community.webshots.com/user/robkin27

          There are 2 ‘albums’ of Amish pictures. Ignore the $19.95 money request, you can look for free, but you have to pay to download the pictures.



    29. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      @ Richard: Maybe your pal Monty came from a Gambino Amish farm on the wrong side of the tracks.

    30. I would guess the row is because the State requires so many square inches of reflective material on the back, no certain shape required. The white aluminum pieces dont reflect that well, but I guess it satisfies the legal requirements. And Lance, I disagree somewhat about those lanterns. I hated driving in north Holmes in the Swartentruber area after dark. Maybe I was just used to the flashing orange lights that many of the Old Order used, but those little lanterns just didnt stand out. Black buggy on a black road on a black night, and the best thing is SLOW DOWN when driving a car.

    31. Valerie

      I know, but would be cheating!

      I know, because Lance knows! And I know Lance-so will keep it under my covering

      Since I live close to Holmes County, I am so thankful for all the reflectors they are usingon buggies so I don’t hit one accidently driving at night, since the streets are completely unlit. It makes my driving in Holmes less nervewracking which would be a paradox to the tranquility which I go there for in the first place 🙂

    32. Congrats Rick

      Nice job Rick, Hardin County, Ohio it is, and thanks to Lance for filling in the blanks with all the interesting background info (Lance, you know buggies!).

      Check here tomorrow for a big buggy post with lots of photos and at least one or two more unusual buggies.

    33. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      I’m waiting for the doctored photo of an Amish teen’s buggy all “pimped out” with immodest lighting glowing from underneath like Englisher’s cars, or a bumper sticker on the back someone placed that reads “My other vehicle is an ox.”, I once heard a comedian use that line on TV, he was making bumper sticker jokes, the only other one that sticks out in my memory is “I believe the Buddhists have bumper stickers, ‘beep twice for Buddha’…”. Gosh though, his segment had to be from the mid-1990s, he somehow was a white lapse Jewish fellow who dressed like he either borrowed from Will Smith on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air or any of the men from the Cosby Show …

    34. perry


      I wish I could have seen this sooner,because I was born in Kenton Ohio,when I was almost 12 we moved to gladwin michigan and they are the only communities besides Hillsdale Mi that have reflectors like that.I am really wondering who this Ellie is that left comment above.Please contact me,I would like to know who you are.

    35. Amy B

      Yoder Farm

      Was this taken at the Yoder Farm?

      1. Not sure exactly whose farm it was. But it was taken in the Hardin County, OH (Kenton) settlement.

    36. Debbie Blalock

      Amish buggy

      Shipshewana IN