Green Amish Scooter
The horse and buggy is the obvious transportation icon of the Amish but the scooter must be the runner up. Though not all Amish use them they are the classic horseless vehicle among the Amish in Lancaster County (where bikes are not really seen) and a number of other communities.

Scooters were big a few years back when a scootering craze seemed to hit English society. Those of course weren’t the easily recognizable metal frame Amish style but a lightweight small wheeled version. I finally learned to ride an Amish scooter last summer and though if you give me the choice I’ll take a bike, I can see why they’re popular (of course they’re most popular going downhill).

Scooters are made by at least two Amish sources in Lancaster County, They come in different sizes and a limited range of colors. Here’s more on a Lancaster County maker of Amish scooters.

Purchase an Amish-made Scooter

Want to buy an Amish-made scooter?

Scooters made by Lancaster County Amish company Groffdale Machine are available online.

The 16″ wheel Amish-made child’s model scooter by Groffdale Machine (orange)

Here you’ll find the 16″ wheel child’s scooter, and the 24″ wheel adult version.

These are described as the same model ridden by the Amish of Lancaster County.

They come in a variety of classic colors, including navy blue, maroon, black, and dark green.

The kid’s scooters also come in more unusual shades like pink and neon green, or the orange you see above.

Amish scooter photo: Richard of Amish Stories


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