Here’s one that’s not too common – a mobile home put up for sale by an Amish family. Amish do sometimes live in mobile homes, especially young families starting out. This one is located in Pomeroy, Ohio (Meigs County). I hadn’t heard much if anything of Meigs County, and for understandable reasons. The location is well off the beaten Amish path, lying on the West Virginia border. The settlement itself is a tiny one, a single church district of an estimated 40 people according to the latest figures.

Here’s the description from the Zillow listing:

The family said it’s time to move and so it’s time to sell! Peaceful and private location on 3.5 Acres. The land is very usable for farming and raising animals. Mostly fenced & some woods too. The infrastructure is there and could easily be developed even further. An Amish built barn (20X28) with 2 stalls and a hay loft that holds up to 500 bails, a buggy shed (10X12), a brand-newish root cellar (8X10), & storage shed (10X16). Also included is a woodshed, corn crib and outhouse. Plus, a huge garden all set up for you to grow everything you need to feed the whole family.

About the home:

The home is modest with a living room and kitchen area. Three bedrooms and a designated bathroom. A front porch to enjoy the scenic view. There is no electric or water currently to the home. There is electric at the road and a water spicket just outside the house. A septic system is on the property but is not hooked up to the home. The home sits on pillars and could be hooked up to electric and the septic with some imagination.

So no water and the presence of an outhouse suggests it’s quite a plain group. I also like the closing comment “could be hooked up to electric and the septic with some imagination.” Can you imagine?

Barn and animals.



There are only two inside photos provided, but you can see many Amish notes here in the mobile home interior:

Toys scattered about the floor suggest it is in fact a young family.

Hickory rocker and floor rug:

Sink with no faucet:

Magazine rack and what looks like a clothes drying tower rack:

Stove, oil lamp, and decorative(?) handsaw. Also note what appears to be a poker tool for the stove hanging on the wall:

Flypaper strung below the ceiling:

Back outside. Terrain looks hilly as you’d expect from this part of the country.


The root cellar.

This is the least expensive home we’ve featured here. The price?

It was sold in late 2019 for $26,000.

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