2016 Bart Township Fire Company Mud Sale (16 Photos)

As mentioned last week, reader Ed has a batch of photos from the latest Bart Township Fire Company Mud Sale.

This first one might surprise you. Ed gives a little background:

This was one of the stands set up at the sale; they were selling answering machines, cordless and cell phones. I was approached by an older Amishman (probably around my age) who with a twinkle in his eye asked me if I knew that “AT&T” stood for “Amish Telephone & Telegraph”!


And the rest of the photos:
















This is the second mud sale of the season, followed by the Gordonville sale which is apparently the largest (see full mud sale calendar here).

One further note. Ed has previously shared photos of the Amish-run camel milk operation in Lancaster County. He shares:

We haven’t seen the camels this trip (nor did we see them in January); we assume they may be kept in the barn in winter. While the desert gets quite cold at night, what full time cold might do to the animals likely isn’t good.

If you haven’t already, you can see photos of this unusual Amish business here. Thanks Ed!

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    1. Emily


      What wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing these, Ed.

    2. Patricia Gessner

      Thank you for this post.

      Filled with great pictures!!

    3. Juanita Cook

      Thanks for sharing these great photo’s. Enjoyed see all of them.

    4. A Good TIme Was Had by All

      Wonderful photos. “AT and T.” Very funny.

    5. Michael

      More Electricity?

      I prune trees. One time I went to a Plain farm to work in their orchard. I found the older sons out in the field with a gasoline powered generator. They used it to power ELECTRIC branding irons, to brand their young and new cattle. They have such creative ways of doing things differently!

    6. Alice Mary

      Thanks for sharing again, Ed.

      I haven’t had lunch yet, so the sign for Chicken BBQ & pork Sandwiches caught my eye 😉 !

      I found it a little odd that most of the men were in straw hats, but most people seemed to be in winter coats. Comments? Looks pretty chilly to me.

      Perhaps some day I’ll visit a mud sale—while I wait for things to warm up & dry out.

      Alice Mary