The 11th Annual Anabaptist Identity Conference (March 10-12, Holmes Co.)

Reader Nicholas recently wrote in about the upcoming Anabaptist Identity Conference, which is in its 11th year. Held March 10th-12th, this year’s event takes place in Holmes County, Ohio.

Here is Nicholas’ description of last year’s event, followed by the details if you’re interested in going this year:

I was in attendance last year, and found it to be well worth going. Most all Anabaptist groups were represented in the audience, but the conference seemed to be run more by plain Mennonites and some Amish. David Kline, an Amish author from Holmes County, whose works include “Great Possessions” and “Scratching the Woodchuck,” was one of the speakers last year.

Subjects covered were not limited to history, but included some discussions on issues faced by the larger Anabaptist (not just Amish) community and what sets us apart from mainstream Christianity. There is an article online about last year’s meeting, but it seems to indicate the focus was a rejecting of Fundamentalism, which was not the case, although that was a topic of one lecture.

As it was held in Nappanee, Amish were well represented there and I expect they would be this year in Holmes County. It would be of interest to anyone wanting to learn about the history of the different Anabaptists, including the Amish. The community at Smyrna, Maine had a fair number of members there, and two men from Australia were also in attendance.

Nicholas adds:

It’s a good time of learning and fellowship. For anyone attending, expect to find yourself in some interesting conversations! Also, there was a singing Friday night last year (I believe they used the Christian Hymnary or the Christian Hymnal). For anyone who can’t attend, but would like to hear the talks, the should be a call line available like last year where you can listen in. If you miss that, the talks are usually recorded and made available later.

11th Annual Anabaptist Identity Conference – Dates, Location & Other Info

Dates: March 10 – Afternoon & evening
March 11 – All day
March 12th – Morning

Location: Holmes County, Ohio
Heritage Community Center
3558 U.S.62 between Berlin and Winesburg, OH

Speakers: David Bercot, PA; David Bontrager, IN; John D. Martin, PA; Dean Taylor, MN; Chester Weaver; IN and others

Coordinators: Nathan and Matthias Overholt with The Christian Hymnary Publishers
P. O. Box 7159
Sarasota, FL 34278

Cost: Nicholas notes that the cost is a freewill donation, and that last year meals were provided with donations also accepted.

Schedule: Here is a pdf of this year’s program and schedule.

I know some of our readers have been to this conference in the past. Is anyone planning to attend this event this year (or attended previously)?

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    1. Judith

      Wow - interesting.

      That it is ecumenical in a sense (being that many different communities gather together in the spirit of learning and good will) is very interesting. I wonder how different the branches of Anabaptism really are, or if they are truly just the same with differences in lifestyle only.

      I would love to go to this! Too bad I have to work for a living and am not retired.

    2. Nichoals

      Thanks for sharing this, Erik. I plan to be there, and it will be my first trip to Holmes County. I hope to learn something!

    3. Al in Ky

      You can listen to the conference live on the Midwest Conference Line, 712-432-8773, conference ID 47223. If I get information on how you can listen to previous days recordings of this year’s conference, I will post that later.

    4. Ab

      2016 recordings

      All sessions are available at

      CD’s can be ordered there as well or call Laverne Yoder at 443-480-1489

    5. Sister Su

      15th Anabaptist Identity Conference, 19-21 March 2020

      The call-in line remains the same, and the code to enter is G-R-A-C-E. AIC was started by Amish-Mennonite brothers Matthias and Nathan Overholt.
      You can get CDs of all past conferences from Victory Music Services,
      You can learn details of next year’s conference by listening to the announcements between speakers on the call-in line, or by checking this website beginning in January of next year:

    6. Sister Su

      Order CDs/ download messages from past 15 yrs of AIC