10 Views Of The Ethridge, Tennessee Amish Community

It’s been quite a while since we’ve done one of these “10 views” posts, though I used to do them regularly after visiting an Amish settlement.

Ethridge was a delight to visit, and I can say the sun went down too soon. We met some friendly folks just by dropping in to local Amish stores and shops, of which there are many. I recognized some places from my last visit of about 10 years ago.

The good news is I plan to return to Ethridge tomorrow to try to catch a bit of the big auction happening there (thanks Martha for bringing that to my attention). Here is the auction bill for anyone who is interested in attending.

Today I am visiting the Randolph, Mississippi settlement along with a local longtime reader and friend who knows the community. Randolph (Pontotoc County) is a spin-off community from Ethridge which started in 1995.

For those of you interested in the Ethridge Amish business map, I was able to pick up a copy of the latest edition and will share more on that in an upcoming post. There are 57 Amish places listed.

So I hope you enjoy these 10 photos of the Ethridge (presented caption-free).










The Ethridge settlement is one of over a dozen Amish communities in Tennessee.


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    1. Pamela


      Thanks for the photos of this Amish community. They
      give me a feeling of what it would be like to actually be
      there, and it is a place I would like to visit some day.

      1. I hope you get to go Pamela. It’s quite visitor-friendly with many Amish selling goods from their homes.

    2. Eleanor Loos

      Thanks for your Amish articles. We’re close to Mt. Hope in Ohio and visit there once (sometimes twice) annually. It’s always a pleasure to visit in “Amish Country”. Thanks for sharing.

      1. My pleasure Eleanor! You live near a wonderful area, one of my favorite places.

    3. Sean Murphy

      Question about houses

      I moved to Seymour, Missouri two and a half years ago. One of the first things I did after learning more about the area was try to find more information about the Amish.I was lucky to be able to drive for a few Amish men. I am fascinated with the Amish way of life. One question I don’t ask, mostly because it’s not my business and I feel it a bit rude and judgmental in a way, is how come around here they don’t keep their house as well as other Amish around the country? It’s just a curiosity that crossed my mind. Their houses are not bad or unkept or any of that but not as manicured I guess is what I mean?

      The Amish are an amazing people! I have been blessed to have met some of them closely.

      1. Cyndi

        Sean, it is more a raising kind of trait, rather than a community trait. In other words, here in Ethridge, you’re likely to pull into an Amish farm as nicely manicured as the finest English home. The next place could resemble what we would consider “a dump”. The amish, at their core, are really not that much different from us. But here it really does seem to be a family trait. Some families tend to place more value on a neat and tidy homeplace than others. A phrase I learned in computer programming classes, “garbage in = garbage out”, comes to mind….

      2. Sean I think as Cyndi says below, you will see some variation between families. But there are also definitely common tendencies in communities. Some groups put less emphasis in having a finely manicured lawn and beautifully-tended garden, feeling that such things are showy. The Seymour community from all I’ve seen and heard would fit more in that category. On the other end of things would be communities like Lancaster County, PA, with their common picture-perfect farms and even landscaped yards.

    4. Thank you

      I love the pictures.Since I live in N.C.now there are no Amish communitys close by.When I lived in Tn,Gutherie ,Ky was just 8 miles away and in Fl.I would go to Pinecraft whenever I could.

      1. Cyndi

        I have many Amish friends in a newer settlement in Ellenboro, NC. My good friend, Manas Gingrich (produce, cabinets, furniture), is on Iron Wheel Dr. His father and brother in law, JD (tack shop) & Mose Yoder(horse shoeing) are on Short rd, just across the field. Herman Hershberger (& sons) has a buggy shop on Hollis Rd. Chris Gingrich on Mt Olivet Church Rd has a band saw mill. I have other friends in that community as well but these families were all my neighbors here in ethridge. They can point you in the right direction out there for whatever you’re looking for.

      2. Cyndi Gardner

        Erik, please see my other comment on this post and visit my friends mentioned there. Also please tell them all I mentioned them and miss them very much!

        1. Thank you Cyndi for those ideas of places to visit, I will plan to drop by at least 1 or 2 of them and pass along your good wishes!

      3. Brett


        Hi Linda! I was in Guthrie just yesterday!! My wife wanted to go down and stop by the Country Pantry and Pencham’s Tack store. Do you remember those or maybe they weren’t there when you lived in the area?

      4. Linda in addition to Cyndi’s comments about Ellenboro below, you might visit the Union Grove settlement in NC. I’m not sure where you are in the state, but there is a nice store there called Shiloh General Store that a lot of people like. The people at Union Grove would be of a similar New Order church as the people in Guthrie, KY. The Amish at Ellenboro are much, much plainer.


    5. Al in Ky

      Thanks for posting the pictures. I’ve been there twice and hope to visit again later this year.

    6. J.O.B.


      “Self-serve. Put money in slot. Thank you.”

      God Bless!

      1. Trust is right, I really appreciate that there are people still doing business this way. Thankfully though, the owner, a gentleman named Daniel, was around, and we had a nice conversation with him. Very pleasant fellow. The shop sold some candles and lotions and sweets. I picked up a homemade basketball game which Daniel invented, will share more on that in an upcoming post. One of my favorite stops in Ethridge.

    7. Accident on Highway 43

      This happened Saturday night. My brother and I were in the community 4 or 5 hours earlier. Looks like an impaired driver. By the sound of it, two are still recovering in hospital:


      ‘It happened at about 10:30 p.m. Saturday night along Highway 43 near the intersection of 3 Oaks Road in Lawrence County.

      Tennessee Highway Patrol troopers said an Amish buggy traveling on the right shoulder was struck from behind by a vehicle. Law enforcement tells Tennessee River Valley News that the driver who struck the buggy could be facing criminal charges.

      Two adults were transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center where they are still recovering. Family tells TRVN that the couple’s child was treated and released.’

    8. Have been friends for 25 years

      We have been going to Ethridge Tennessee for over 25 years.
      About 25 years ago Jacob a young Amish man had all most cut his fingers off with his band sew .
      We were in a small ford ranger truck only two could ride in it. Ray drove Jacob to to hospital to save his hand.
      I stay at the farm settings at his shop . With the children playing and speaking German. I know they were talking about me. Hours when by a English farmer came by we had heard what happen I ask him if it gets dark and Ray next back will you come back. After about another hour here come that blue truck. Jacob had to stay a few more hours but a nurse live close by and would bring him home.
      And now the fun part we become best friends they write use and we go up we have lunch together I rock babies now I rock Grandbabies. This New Year I was invited to a quilting bee and lunch what a day it was.
      We go up from Northport Alabama it’s about 3 and half hours drive. I will write them we are coming and I will bring lunch to give Mother a rest. I take the children that are still home there favorite meal pizza and ice cream and cake and cookies. If it’s warm weather I take water guns and we have water battles.
      I have taken was of our friends and they have fallen in love with them to.
      Our next pizza party will be in May when the strawberries come in. I have many more stories about our friendship