Ernest Bontrager has a clip of still images taken in the Amish settlement at Monte Vista, Colorado (Rio Grande and Conejos counties).

It’s not a new video (2010), but is a nice look at the type of sights you might see in a western Amish settlement. I haven’t visited Amish further west than Iowa, so I like these looks at communities in the Mountain Time Zone.

Highlights include mud nests made by barn swallows, Amish homes on flat, mountain-backdrop terrain, hunting trophies, and log cabins built by Amish company Pro-Shed.

Ernest shared a few comments to go with this video:

Amish settlement of 30 families in Monte Vista Colorado. We saw a real shepherd and his dogs guarding sheep from coyotes and mountain lions. This area raises hay with the help of irrigation. They get around 6 inches of rain per year.

As of a year ago, Monte Vista was 2 churches in size.

Hat tip to Linda.


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