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    Pledging allegiance to the flag – or God? The term “Heathen” is mentioned as if it’s a bad thing, when in fact it means “of the heath”, that is, one who lives in the country. They tended to be the ones that clung to their beliefs longer after …

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    Amish Canning Thanks for the glimpse into the basement. Now I know another way to store my plethora of canning lid rings!! Sometimes, the simplest things just elude me… …

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    Hot horses and Amish animal cruelty Pretty shocking to read the comments to the original article. I agree with the comments posted here. My mother was a child in the 1920’s, and although she wasn’t raised on a farm, both her parents were brought up rural. …

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    Halloween Questions Samhain Halloween is one of the most misunderstood of holidays. Samhain represented the final harvest. Harvest-time was a big deal in the old days, as you needed to put away enough to survive the long cold winter~worthy of celebration and ritual. …

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    Amish soap Lye can often be found at Ace Hardware stores or Lowes. At Ace it’s Rooto Household Lye and Lowes it’s Roebic drain cleaner. Must be 100% Sodium Hydroxide, no fillers. Read up on soapmaking first!!~safety etc. Join a soapmaking forum …

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