Besides Christmas, how often do you give someone a card?

Amish have been known to send all types of cards, including sympathy cards, Christmas cards, and Valentine’s cards.

That also leaves aside the practice of letter-writing, which flourishes in many Amish homes (and while on the subject, we can’t forget the clever way some Amish create envelopes).

One happy occasion perfect for card-sending is the arrival of a baby. Our contributor ShipshewanaIndiana shares a card that just came following the birth of a daughter.

Birth Congratulations Card

This card was mailed by Amish friends in Arthur, Illinois.

Unlike a lot of cards sent by the Amish, this one isn’t technically homemade. But with the added stickers and flourishes (not to mention “Train up a child” from Proverbs) I think it lands somewhere in-between handmade and store-bought.

New Baby Card

“Two little eyes that shine like stars,

A tiny mouth and a button nose,

Rose petal fingers that close on yours,

Ten little pink and curly toes,

Your baby to cherish, to hold and to love,

God’s precious gift from Heaven above.”