There’s an update out on Amos Hertzler, an Amish boy born with a rare esophageal condition which required him to be fed through a tube. We first mentioned Amos’ story here, and then followed up in March with Tom in NY’s photos from the benefit breakfast to raise money for Amos’ surgery.

Unfortunately two-year-old Amos has suffered complications recently, according to a story in The Buffalo News (kudos to Tom for passing it along):

“Little Amos isn’t doing so good just now,” said Noah Hertzler, his uncle.

His esophagus, which had been stretched and attached to his stomach by doctors earlier this year, developed “weak spots” and had to be connected over again, said Hertzler, who lives near his brother Aaron, Amos’ father, in Mansfield Township, Cattaraugus County.

“Since the last operation, he hasn’t been doing as well as he should,” Hertzler said. “He’s not gaining like he should. He usually snaps right out. This time, he’s not.”

“You never know what to expect with an operation like that,” Hertzler added. “The doctors did as well as they could.”

Amos has a number of other conditions including Down’s syndrome.  His parents, members of one of the most conservative Amish groups, have spent much of the last year with him in Boston, where he is being treated.  Amos’ father has apparently found some carpentry work in Boston to help make ends meet.  Meanwhile their other son has remained behind with family in New York.

The Amish community held another benefit breakfast this past weekend to defray the costs of Amos’ care.  The Buffalo News also reports that a fund for Amos has been set up at Cattaraugus County Bank (800-882-9903).


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