Less choice, more happiness?

Does the size of your fishbowl matter?

Could less choice actually mean greater happiness?

Just listened to a talk by psychologist Barry Schwartz,author of The Paradox of Choice, given at the TED conference two yearsago.

Got me thinking on one possible insight from Amish society:  more restrictions and fewer choices don’t necessarily mean less happiness.

It may actually mean the reverse.

TED speaker Barry Schwartz on the paradox of choice.

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    1. It leaves more time to enjoy the things you do have when you’re not bombarded and swamped with excess.

    2. Sean LaFianza

      i think it can absolutely mean the reverse and often does depending on your focus and world view. It makes me think of Solomon who had EVERYTHING and was miserable with it.

      in my own life, i’ve given up the 40+ hour work week to work for myself from home. we’ve given up a great bit financially but have grown to love spending the new time we have together as a family and working all together. in our (small) case a smaller fishbowl definitely was an increase in happiness.