Amos Hertzler is a one-year-old Amish boy who was born with a rare esophageal condition.  His story came to public attention last October as his parents were having difficulties raising the funds for the expensive procedure Amos needed. Thankfully, Amos has since had his surgery and now the family is trying to pay off the remaining $60,000 in debt (having already covered $175,000).

Last Saturday a benefit breakfast was held for Amos, and Tom attended. He shares some photos from the day, which looks like it turned out pretty well.

Amish Breakfast

Breakfast starts early and may even turn into brunch.

Otto Fire Company NY
The Otto Volunteer Fire Company in Cattaraugus County, New York.

Amish Breakfast Menu

Amos’ uncle Noah said in advance of the event: “It will be all you can eat, for whatever you want to pay…All proceeds will go toward Amos’ hospital bill.”

Amish Breakfast Plate

Note the healthy choice of beverage.

Donations Box

Where you decide how much your meal costs.

Amish Baked Goods Sale

There was something for the baked goods lovers too.

Amos Hertzler Benefit Buggies

Outside the event.

Amish Horses Breakfast

Horses choose from a different breakfast menu.

Donations are still being accepted at The Hertzler Hospital Fund for Amos’ care.  The details: Cattaraugus County Bank, P.O. Box 227, Little Valley, NY 14755-0227; bank phone number: (800) 882-9903.  Thanks to Tom for this and all the other good reporting out of NY lately.

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