Top Riders

Amish Buggy Top Riders

Ever had a ride like this?  Bob the Quaker took this photo in Lancaster County a few weeks ago.  Bob says the lighting was pretty bad, but you can see two boys on top of an otherwise full-looking buggy.  Your caption ideas are, of course, welcome.

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    1. Makes for a nice interesting picture, but not too smart to do I think. Richard

    2. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      A caption:
      “The kids heard the English say this was how many people in India use the train system, so the boys thought, hey, why not try it at home on the buggy.”

      “The boys wanted air-conditioning on those hot June days.”

    3. Reminds me of filling a car to capacity, and someone riding home on the trunk over the field roads. Or sitting on the tailgate of a pickup. We didn’t drive any faster than walking speed.

      Amish double-decker bus.

    4. Paul Long

      This is a test of the Amish salvation system

      Get up there, you’re driv’n me buggy !

    5. Galen

      Top Riders

      “The Amish attempting a Chinese fire drill.”

      I knoW I’m dating myself here but this prank was done in both high school and college where the adolescent driver stops at a red light and yells “Chinese fire drill” and everyone gets out of the car and runs around it as many times as they think they can and then get back into the car before the light turns green. I never really understood what it meant until just now, when I looked it up on wikipedia. I remember doing this a lot as I was the youngest in my crowd and didn’t have my license yet.

      1. Amish fire drill

        Galen I remember hearing about the Chinese fire drill but don’t think I or friends were ever brazen enough to try in adolescent days. No idea why it was Chinese and not say Mexican or Dutch or even my native Polish 🙂

        1. Lindsay

          I could think of a few jokes as to what a “Polish Fire Drill” would be but I’ll refrain 😉

    6. Lee Ann

      The view is much better from here!

      1. Renee

        LOL Lee Ann, good one 😀



    8. Tom

      Hey Mervin you’re right, the air is much fresher up here.

    9. Alvin

      Wow Jonas,when dad mentioned Buggypooling I was thinking of one of those pools that the “Englishers” have.

      1. Carolyn B

        Attn: Alvin

        Love the buggy-pooling theme. I’m pulling for your entry.

    10. Hannah

      Looks like they need a convertible buggy

    11. Lance

      Eli, what happens if we overload this thing?

      Well, Levi, we may find out real soon

      Have you seen my hat?

      No, its probably right next to mine, somewhere back there

    12. Lance

      With that many women in the box, I’m glad we’re up here…..

      1. Renee

        rofl ok lance your comment beat them all rofl

      2. Valerie

        Lance, I thought of this

        I thought of this scripture in reply to your comment:
        Proverbs 25:24

        It is better to dwell in the corner of the housetop, than with a contentious woman in a whole house.

        Were you borrowing from that?

    13. ‘Yeah, when Big Bertha started singing “it’s getting hot in here, I wanna, I wanna take my clothes off” I decided surely this would be a better place to be’

      But all kidding aside, what a HORRIBLE place to be. I mean a buggy’s center of gravity is high to start with and that isn’t going to help one bit. Not to mention if they fall off they are headed right in the path of the wheels. Better to be sitting with legs dangling off the back where there are no wheels to run over you. Although Big Bertha singing Nelly lyrics might drive any sane person to the buggytop 🙂

    14. Tom in KY

      Amish Parade

      “I am sure glad we got to be in the Parade this year”

      1. Renee
    15. Dena

      Riding “shotgun”!!

    16. Renee

      OH! I think I swallowed a bug!

    17. Bob the Quaker

      Now we can use the HOV lane !

    18. Alice Mary

      Well, at least now we know how many whoopie pies can fit in a buggy!

    19. Nelson


    20. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      Nope, the radio’s reception is just as lousy up here.

    21. Lindsay

      Their friends don’t call them Low Riders.

    22. Lin

      They went “hoch”/high.

    23. Nancee

      “Can’t Top That!”

    24. Sandy Ciminski

      Question from California

      Love your site. I drive miniature horses in our little town. 1. Is there some place close to Southern California who sells used carts and Wo offers Wheel repair? I have 7 disabled kids and am building a therapy ranch for the disabled.

    25. Wills Kitchen

      Hey!!! I think this is how they do it in India!!!

    26. Bob Rosier (Bob the Quaker)

      That’s right… does remind one of India. I now wish that after I took the picture, that I would have turned around and followed the buggy to get more information….

      And Sandy…I know G & S Horse Cart Co. makes all sizes of carts for small, medium, and large ponies, and I think they can ship & you assemble. Also, made in America ! Ph: 319-275-4734 or