Are Amish marriages arranged? How do they find a spouse? (Video)

A viewer recently asked if Amish marriages are arranged on the Amish America YouTube channel. Odds are you already know the answer to this one. But I can kind of see where the question might come from, when looking at this religious society, which certainly must appear “strict” to some, from the outside.

The question has a bit of an urban legend feel, but I felt it was worth answering. Some religious and cultural groups do and have practiced arranged marriage, after all. The Amish are not one of them, however.

I also used the opportunity to discuss how Amish young people meet prospective spouses, and how Amish think about the courting process. I hope you enjoy. Runtime: 3:54.

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    1. Judy Pasqualone

      Arranged marriages

      Thanks for this video. You explained it very well.