Tennessee Couple Survives Head-on Collision With Runaway Amish Horse

Two people in Tennessee are lucky to be alive after a bad accident with a runaway horse. From the Tennessee River Valley News Facebook page, posted Saturday morning:

HENRYVILLE, TN- A local couple is lucky to be alive after a runaway horse belonging to an Amish family ended up in the cab of the truck after a crash.

A local couple struck a horse that had reportedly ran away from an Amish Mill on Henryville Road, near Bartons’ Tire Shop

At approximately 630pm Lawrence County Emergency Crews were dispatched to the accident on Henryville Road and Briar Hill Road.

The runaway horse was reportedly being chased by a person driving an Amish Buggy.

An oncoming truck reportedly tried to avoid the animal but could not do so.

The impact caused the horse to enter the cab of the truck through the windshield striking the driver. A passenger suffered minor injuries. The driver was not serious injured.

The animal did not survive the accident.

I can’t find any news article on this beyond than the Facebook report. But going by this page’s presence and large number of followers it looks legitimate. This is most likely the Ethridge community, though there is a small community at nearby Summertown which is another possibility.

The above is a cropped version of the photo accompanying the post, showing damage to the truck. The full photo is fairly disturbing so I will hold off on posting it here. By the visible impact and damage done to the truck, this couple was fortunate to escape with only minor injuries.

Horses bolt and run off from time to time. There are periodic reports of this in Amish communities, the most recent being the PA state trooper who stopped the horse and saved a three-year-old Amish girl in a runaway buggy.

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    1. Guest


      For everyone involved, and the poor creature, so frightening. It must have been out of distance from being roped and going full speed. Some people still treat horses like mere stock but if you don’t, and have ever come across an accident like that, it’s very traumatic and sad.

      1. There doesn’t seem to be any detail as to what might have caused it to run off like that. I suppose it’s in the nature of horses to different degrees.