Today we have a video “slice of life”. This one comes from Daniel Stoltzfus, whose wife Lydia shared her scrap quilts in a recent clip. In this video, Daniel is filming and talking with a lady who I assume is one of his Amish relatives (a sister?) as she rolls and weaves pretzels on the kitchen counter.

At one point Daniel hams it up a bit, marveling at her skill. “Boy you’re going to be famous, if I may post this anyway,” he teases. “I’ll try not to post your face, that way they can’t tell if you have covering strings or not.”

We don’t see the pretzels in their final baked form, but something tells me these are going to be tasty. As far as learning to make them, “it doesn’t take long to catch on,” the woman explains.

The Amish have sort of a high-profile pretzel connection of course, with one of the most famous pretzel businesses in the country (Auntie Anne’s) having been founded by a woman who grew up Amish in Lancaster County. This is pretzel-making on a much smaller scale. But I wonder how similar these pretzels taste to Auntie Anne’s? I don’t think I’ve ever tried those, though I bet some of you have. In any case, pretzel-making kind of looks like fun.

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