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Kevin over at the informative and fun Amish Cook blog has beaten me to the punch here, but I thought I’d bring to your attention an article in the New York Times on Amish business.

It’s a pretty meat-and-potatoes look at Amish entrepreneurship but nice to see in a high-profile spot.  Donald Kraybill contributes here, pointing out that in some settlements high majorities–even 90%–of households make a living off the farm.

And of course a link to an Amish biz piece means it’s time for a shameless pre-plug (will try to keep these to a minimum, scout’s honor):  I continue to work feverishly on the new book tentatively entitled Simple Success:  How the Amish Do Business.

It’s slated to be published by Jossey-Bass, who did the recent Amish Grace book among other nice business and religious titles, in Spring 2010.

In the book, around 60 Amish entrepreneurs offer insights on running a business with an eye to the big picture as much as the bottom line.  Practical ideas plus guiding small-business principles, straight from the horse’s mouth.

Am very much looking forward to getting it done and plan to spend my upcoming February stay in Lancaster as well as this summer putting the wraps on it.

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    1. Well, I know a little about book writing…not an easy task!!
      I just finished writing one on the Bohemian revival of the 15th-century.
      Ok, I know, a little plug… 🙂

    2. Erik Wesner

      No problemo Mike, plug away!

    3. Helen Parnell-Berry

      Happy New Year, Erik. I’m looking forward to Spring next year. Hopefully by the end of this year I’ll be able to pre-order your book from Amazon. Keep plugging away, your faithful readers don’t mind one bit (well this one doesn’t).

    4. Erik Wesner

      Wow, very kind Helen, and Happy New Year to you too!

    5. Dark

      Erik –

      I saw the Amish fireplace/heater advertisement again. This time, it was in the back of the most recent Rolling Stone magazine. Instead of the Amish workshop and family photos – the ad features two blond women lying on a bed looking at the heater.

    6. Wow Dark, hadn’t heard about that one! There’s a long discussion on the Amish heater over at Kevin Williams’ blog:

    7. Dark

      Interesting. Someone just told me that there is also a commercial on TV above the heaters.

    8. Adrian Whicker

      Looking forward to the book, Erik!

    9. Erik Wesner

      Thanks Adrian–I hope you’ll enjoy it! Researching and writing it has been quite enjoyable for me.

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