Not “Amish”, but quite entertaining nonetheless.  Kevin Roberts, “Friend” to some and “Quaker” to others, writes a nice blog at quakerthink.

In his latest post, Kevin surveys the transportation options available to him on his isolated Ohio homestead, and had me chuckling as he described Dude, the twenty-five dollar donkey that may be worth even less, and the one-holer convenience outhouse that comes in handy on long walks in the country.  Kevin apparently drives truck, but would like to find feasible alternative transport, and takes interest in Amish neighbors, whose horse-drawn transport does the job just dandy.

Conclusion:  Kevin’s “leaning Amish” and may sign up for the buggy plan, but doesn’t sound like he’s sold just yet.  In another post, Kevin shares some choice been-there-done-that wisdom:

…one of the things that I recommend to any potential Husband who is contemplating a life spent on dirt roads far away from town is to work out a deal with a Wife. Not just any Wife, because not just any Wife will do. There are very specific and very difficult aspects of this sort of lifestyle, and yoking to just any Wife that comes along and expresses a desire to live forever with an outdoor toilet is likely to result in unforeseen incompatibilities.

The Wife-finding guide which follows is a gut-buster, while revealing the deep respect Kevin seems to have for his own.  If you’ve got a moment, have a look at this humorous and insightful blog.

Amish-made cheese


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