Quakers in the Country

Not “Amish”, but quite entertaining nonetheless.  Kevin Roberts, “Friend” to some and “Quaker” to others, writes a nice blog at quakerthink.

In his latest post, Kevin surveys the transportation options available to him on his isolated Ohio homestead, and had me chuckling as he described Dude, the twenty-five dollar donkey that may be worth even less, and the one-holer convenience outhouse that comes in handy on long walks in the country.  Kevin apparently drives truck, but would like to find feasible alternative transport, and takes interest in Amish neighbors, whose horse-drawn transport does the job just dandy.

Conclusion:  Kevin’s “leaning Amish” and may sign up for the buggy plan, but doesn’t sound like he’s sold just yet.  In another post, Kevin shares some choice been-there-done-that wisdom:

…one of the things that I recommend to any potential Husband who is contemplating a life spent on dirt roads far away from town is to work out a deal with a Wife. Not just any Wife, because not just any Wife will do. There are very specific and very difficult aspects of this sort of lifestyle, and yoking to just any Wife that comes along and expresses a desire to live forever with an outdoor toilet is likely to result in unforeseen incompatibilities.

The Wife-finding guide which follows is a gut-buster, while revealing the deep respect Kevin seems to have for his own.  If you’ve got a moment, have a look at this humorous and insightful blog.

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    1. Sounds quite interesting so off I go to have a look!

    2. He is hilarious! I only read the first post but can’t wait to go read more. Even if you just read his profile, it’s a crack-up. Thanks for the new find and have a Merry Christmas if you don’t post before then ~ ☺

    3. Hey Erik-

      So here you are. A strange small world it is, I think. The Amish in my neighborhood are mostly Swartzentrubers, with some Beachy folks to the south. We Quakers abandoned the plain witness about 100 years ago, so I get my hats from Lena Yoder across the highway. Very few of us are non-electric, but it’s not unheard of.

      Quakers and Anabaptists share the peace church foundation, and also the believer’s church structure (when we do it right). Theologically we’re more left wing. But not all the Amish around me are so sure.

      Jake Weaver once asked, “You’re one of those Quaker-Amish, right?”

      The answer is no. But it’s the right question to ask.

    4. Matthew

      He ought to read Scott Savage’s books. Savage is a convert Quaker in Ohio who, along with his wife and multiple children, follows the “old paths”, including horse drawn transportation and no electricity. Savage was living near Barnesville, OH for a while, but I believe is living near Mansfield now, where he was (is?) working as a librarian for the University.

    5. Amish in Belmont and Guernsey County, Ohio

      Thanks everyone for commenting and a special thanks to you Kevin for stopping by the blog, I am glad that folks have enjoyed yours, I certainly have myself. Did a quick check and looks there is a settlement of 2 districts in Belmont County, listed as ‘Barnesville’ by David Luthy, as well as 2 settlements at Guernsey County to your east, it looks like, Quaker City/Salesville which you mention, and one at Middlebourne, both small settlements as well.

      Matthew appreciate the mention of Scott Savage, am aware of him but unfortunately haven’t had a chance to read him yet.

    6. Scott Savage is the reason I’m a Quaker, which is a debt I will never be able repay. He created and published Plain Magazine, the last publication in the world set by hand in movable type. Very, very ambitious.

      He’s also written The Plain Reader, a book of excerpts from the magazine, and A Plain Life, somewhat autobiographical.

      He presents an interesting commentary on the Anabaptists, as seen from the perspective of a non-electric plain Quaker. The similarities and the differences make for thought-provoking reading.

      1. EP

        What Happened to Scott Savage

        I’m not sure Scott Savage is affiliated with the Quakers anymore. He seems to have completely dropped off the scene. Any updates on him?

        1. MS

          Savage No Longer Plain

          EP (and others if interested), although this comment section hasn’t been active in years, there’s a chance you might read this. Scott Savage was divorced in 2010 by his wife, who gained custody of their children. Following the divorce, he returned to a modern life.
          All of this can be found through a deep search of public records.

        2. EP

          Thanks for info

          Wow, it’s been nine years since I was on this thread. Thank you for that info. That explains his disappearance from the Plain Quaker world.

    7. Jackie Bridgen

      And his wife?

      Does anyone know if his wife Mary-Ann stayed plain?

      1. MS

        Mary Ann Lieser

        Mary Ann Lieser has not been plain since filing for divorce from Scott Savage. She is now a freelance writer and indexer living in Wooster, OH.

        1. Peter Orlando

          Mary Ann Lieser and Scott Savage

          I believe Mary Ann Lieser is A registered nurse living in Wooster. Also, years ago when Scott Savage was on a speaking tour I treated him to lunch in Providence and I worried about his wife who was raising his children alone while he traveled the country. Scott seemed like a thoughtful fellow and would not eat in any restaurant that served liquor.
          I cannot find out what happened to him . He had a problem and quit his job at the University library where he worked years ago.
          Does anyone know what he is doing now?

        2. Peter Orlando

          Mary Ann Leister Scott savage

          I believe Mary Ann Leister is a RN nurse who lives in Wooster. I cannot find Scott Savage. Does any one knows where he is and what he is doing?

    8. Angeline Johnson

      first time I've looked online for Scott and family

      Wow. Per his published request in _plain_, I have never attempted to inquire, online, with Scott or his family. Sorry to learn what I have, here, and then further about his experience at MOSU. I do wonder how many children Scott and Mary Ann do have, now, and how they are. When I knew them, it was Tasha, Jack, and a nursing daughter.They are all now adults, but the strain of the court case must have direly affected the marriage and family: the oldest must have been teenagers at the time.

      Sadly, I had squatters in my house who halved my library, including my copy of _a plain life_ and my copies of the journal.

      Sorry to now think of it as an experiment.

      1. ms


        there are eight savage kids. if you knew our mom at some point, she might appreciate catching up.