KIDRON, Ohio – The Wayne County Sheriff’s Department believes they have identified the man who accidentally struck an Amish boy in the head with a bullet who was plowing a field.

The 34-year-old told police he was shooting pigeons at the time of the incident. The man fired one shot into a group of pigeons and then fired a second shot when the pigeons flew up into the air.

He believes the bullet that struck the 17-year-old, who was plowing a field nearby, was from his gun.

Police are doing a ballistics test which will identify if his was the gun.

My first thought on reading this was, pigeons? I guess people have their hobbies.

Hopefully this will solve the mystery, and put to rest any idea that it may have been intentional.

And more importantly, maybe this will reinforce a lesson that should have been absorbed after Rachel Yoder’s death four years ago: shooting a gun up into the air in a populated area is plain stupid.

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