From Cleveland 19 News:

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – The Ashland County Health Department says a recent outbreak affecting the area’s Amish community stems from a wedding.

The outbreak, which is declared when at least two or more individuals test positive for an infectious disease like COVID-19, in the Loudonville area originated from an Ashland County resident who attended a wedding, according to health officials. That person then attended a church service days later and exposed the people sitting nearby to the coronavirus.

Another wedding was held where more individuals were exposed.

“Please, continue to treat our Amish neighbors with kindness and support, while taking steps to limit your exposure to this outbreak,” said Ashland County Health Commissioner Heather Reffett.

There are at least six confirmed cases, with nearly 70 currently in quarantine.

Amish weddings have been a point of contention during the coronavirus situation – for example in Michigan and another settlement in Ohio.

As things open up, an increase in cases is expected. But here’s the most concerning bit of this report:

One of the individuals who tested positive works at an assisted living facility. Public health officials are working to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within the facility.

As we now know, the elderly and people with specific health conditions are the population groups by far most at risk from this virus. The young and healthy factor more as potential carriers that can spread the virus to these higher-risk groups.

It would be wise for people with regular contact with older and higher-risk populations – like assisted living and hospital workers – to continue to avoid placing themselves into situations where they are at elevated risk of acquiring the virus.

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