The Amish in Geauga County have been having issues following the state’s “stay-at-home” order – at least to the satisfaction of their neighbors. Now, health officials have gotten involved.

First, Amish were reported for holding gatherings in violation of the state’s stay-at-home order. Non-Amish neighbors sent in photos allegedly showing Amish breaking the order’s rules.

Health inspectors are now filing a notice of violation against a group in the same community – for exceeding the 10-person gathering limit at a wedding reception, held yesterday.

Image: WKBN

Officials knew the wedding was going to happen. A person or persons complained about the event beforehand. Three hundred people were expected to be there.

The wedding, however, was off-limits to the inspectors – religious ceremonies are exempt.

But the wedding reception is not exempt. That’s where they were able to catch the violators:

Health inspectors went out and reported finding more than 30 people at a reception following the wedding.

Kris Wilster, with the health district, said they can’t enforce the 10-person maximum rule at religious ceremonies but they could do so for the reception.

It’s now “up to law enforcement” on whether the Amish will face charges.

Here’s the video report of concerns prior to the wedding. I would guess that catching the Amish at the reception was the plan.

So, under the current regime, it’s fine if a 300-person group gathers for a 3-hour wedding.

But if a small group of those people then goes off right after to eat some cake, you are in violation.

Does that make sense?

This is the second report of complaints over an Amish wedding in the past week.

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