Happy July 4th.  I’ve got a few odds and ends today:

  • Marlene Miller has added another book to the giveaway contest of her memoir Grace Leads Me Home. We’ll give away 2 books tomorrow. If you would like to enter the contest you can do so here.
  • I was asked about those little images which appear by commenters names. They’re called “gravatars”, and they appear on any gravatar-enabled websites when you leave a comment.    You can upload one for free here.  If you don’t have a gravatar, either a blue G or grey silhouette will appear by your name.  When I do my next blog template update they should all go to silhouettes.
  • Do Amish do anything special on July 4th?  Here is a post about Amish and Independence Day from a few years back.  Amish in Topeka, Indiana also run a (human-powered) buggy race on the Fourth (or at least they have done for many years, haven’t heard about this year).  You can view a short clip of one such race here.
  • Thanks for all the advice on my summer colds post.  I am heading to the doctor today.  I should live, but my cough has worsened, and like a lot of you said, 2 weeks is a little long.
  • Amanda Yoder

  • I’ve been alerted by a few people that Amanda Yoder of Yoder’s Restaurant in Pinecraft has passed away.  Her restaurant was featured on the “Man vs. Food” program a while back.  I’ve never visited Yoder’s but I understand it to be a hub of the Pinecraft community.
  • Today’s photo comes from Bob the Quaker, taken in Lancaster County around the same time he shot the “Top Riders” image.  Just where does the nozzle go?
Amish Gas Station
Actually, you can see where the nozzle goes here.


Amish-made cheese

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