10 views of northern Indiana Amish

After yesterday’s Arthur Amish photos, here’s another ten–from the northern Indiana Amish of Elkhart and Lagrange Counties.

I’ll be taking all next week off from posting (family vacation), but will return to a regular blogging schedule Monday Sep. 19.  In the meantime, we’re doing a little contest.

I’ve got a few back issues of Amish magazine The Connection to give away (The Connection is headquartered in lovely little Topeka in Lagrange County; I dropped in for a visit while I was in town).

To enter the contest, just leave a comment (could be anything–about your own visit to Indiana, your favorite scene from these photos, a question, etc.)  I’ll draw 3 names at random from your comments, and announce the winners on the 19th. See you then!

buggy in tree

amish laundry indiana

log cabin shanty

buggy rows amish indiana

amish children soccer

indiana amish horseshoeing

amish recumbent bicycle

amish barn indiana horses

amish indiana buggy

amish farm north indiana
More on Indiana Amish:

Amish Furniture-Indiana

Amish Furniture-Indianapolis

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    1. Debbie Welsh

      Great photos, Erik. It continues to amaze me how much I’ve learned about the Amish ever since I stumbled upon Amish America. Guess I had my head in the sand or something because not that long ago I thought the Amish were only located in Lancaster, PA and Ohio! And now that I’ve discovered otherwise, I can’t help but want to visit more of their settlements, and especially a ” biggy ” like Indiana, so I appreciate all of the photos and info you and everyone else on here shares.

      I’m a bit stumped, though, by the photo of the Amish man on a recumbent bicycle ? I’ve never seen such as this before, and at first glance thought the poor guy was in some kind of wheelchair or disabled device he made for himself to get around!

    2. Tina Rice


      The clothesline picture makes me think of when I hung clothes on the line years ago. At that time I had two small boys, one still in diapers, and I used cloth diapers so the line was full of diapers. Clothes are so fresh smelling off the line, love the smell. Use a dryer since we moved as there is not clothes line-yet.
      The recumbent bike caught my eye too, seems funny seeing it among the buggies. I live in MD about 45 minutes from Lancaster County, PA and visit often. My husband and I spent our 40th wedding anniversary at a Bed and Breakfast there this past May. The views are beautiful looking across the well kept fields. We ate at a restaurant close to the B&B which had delicious food. I would love to ride in one of their buggies, but didn’t have a chance to.
      Thanks for sharing the pictures, enjoy your vacation.
      Please enter me in the contest.

    3. Beverly Duffield

      Draft Horses

      The clothesline is great!So is the mailbox and the others. However I love the picture of the beautiful draft horses. We used to see some good Clydsdales here in Utah but few Belgians etc. I’ve driven and ridden a good number of Clysdales in my younger years, but these days even those big beauties are few and far between. I’ve promised myself a visit to Amish country, somehow, someday, just to see the horses and see good living in action. For now however I try to read everything about the Amish and Mennonites I can lay my hands on. (Hint!lol) And thanks so much for your great blog! The Amish and Conservative Mennonites remind me that there is peace to be found and to let the Lord lead the way.

    4. M. Hofmeister

      Recumbent bicycle

      Are you sure the guy on the recumbent bicycle is Amish?
      Surprising sight! On the other hand – why not, if bicycles are allowed in that community.

      1. Lance


        Recumbent bicycles are very popular among the Northern Indiana Amish. If you have ever ridden one, you would know why. You don’t get sore hands, arms, shoulders or butt. All is not glory, though. If you fall over, you are likely to break a wrist, shoulder or hip! Also, they are much slower going up hills. That is not too much of a problem there as No. Ind. is mostly flat.

    5. Lance

      Horse breeds & giveaways

      The 4 largest horses of the horse picture (picture 8) are Belgians. Into the midst of the Belgians, there is a smaller buggy horse, probably a Standardbred. The other 2 horses are hard to identify without seeing more.

      Giveaways are like lotteries. I have been very privileged to witness the choosing of a Amish minister. It is rather like winning a lottery you don’t want to win. Anyways, it was one of the most serious moments I have ever witnessed. So, Erik, I don’t like the idea of getting hit with the lot, count me out of your giveaway!

    6. Alice Mary

      Eye candy...

      …is what your photos are, Erik! I think the last one caught my eye due to the awe-inspiring nature of the sky. Was it near sunset? It’s hard to tell, with the clouds.

      Oh, here’s a question I thought of when looking at the reflectors on the buggy—do the Amish ever “reflectorize” their horse that’s pulling the buggy? (I’m thinking of reflectors or reflective tape on the harnesses, etc.) They make reflective collars and such for pets, so I just wondered if anyone had heard of (or seen) such a thing amongst the Amish.

      Alice Mary

    7. Dede Calfee


      I love looking at all the photos that are submitted on here. Really love the ones with horses in them.

    8. Aunt Ruth

      Amish pictures

      It’s really hard to pick a favorite – they’re all great! Living in the Cleveland area, we get down to Ohio’s Amish Country frequently, although we have visited the PA and IND areas too. Never saw the clotheslines up to the barn roofs here in Ohio, but saw them for the first time near Lancaster PA. Very interesting! Love the peaceful tranquility of Amish Country. I’m new to this website and have fallen in love with it!

    9. Rick

      I guess Vernon is branching out to the bakery business as well with the Standardbread????

      The bikes struck me as quite odd too when I went there last year for the 1st time. I would think the stocking hat’s would get a bit warm in the summer, but I suppose they wouldn’t blow off while you’re on your bike.

      Nice pix overall – thx!

    10. Sharon

      Sept 9, 2011 10 Views of Northern Indiana Amish

      I just love the pictures you put on this site! Last October I had a chance to see my first “AMISH” farm, (and family, buggies, etc) in Southern Indiana, around Mitchell. It was very intriquing and have become quite interested in their way of life, and am in AWE of how they are true survivors in this hectic, modern world, that surrounds them! I really respect them, in the way they hold to their culture.

      Our friends that we visited in Mitchell, often have business dealings with the Amish and find them very friendly people and also humble and reserved, too. A few days after we left Mitchell, we traveled through Ohio and then to Lancaster, PA, in which we stayed 3 days, and learned all about the Amish, Mennonites, etc. and was able to get some good photographs of buggies, their beautiful farms, bought produce at their roadside stands, and thoroughly enjoyed our time there — it was so tranquil and peaceful and we plan to go back at some point, in the future — 3 days was definitely not long enough.

      I am at the moment learning more about the “plain” people through couple of authors, I found, Beverly Lewis and Wanda Brunstetter. BOTH are very fine writers and when I read their books, I feel like I am RIGHT THERE, experiencing what they are writing about.

      I also, very much enjoy this newsletter. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to reading the newsletter every day, when I open my “INBOX”. Have a good vacation — know everyone needs a break!
      Hurry back! I do love this website! Thank you! Sharon

    11. Mona G.

      The clothesline also….I remember hanging clothes on the line in the winter and they would freeze dry…..and to this day, I still hang up clothes in the laundry room and on my laundry rack…saves electricity…..I iron a lot, so of course those things are hung up on hangers to dry too…..but I hang up most all my clothes and when they are dry, I put them in the dryer and spritz them with water a few times and dry them for 5 minutes and they come out looking like I did all the drying in the dryer…..the only ones that I completely dry are the bed sheets and a load of dish towels…..those I do not hang up, but all the rest I do…..even sweat shirts……just lay them across the drying rack to dry and spritz and dry for 5 mins….and fold……takes a little time to do these steps, but hey I’m retired and I sure have more time than money LOL…..have a great vacation Erik…..

    12. Valerie

      Reflectors on Horses

      Alice Mary, I saw this for the first time Monday, in Holmes County OH area. The horse pulling the buggy had reflector green bands around each leg, (maybe someplace else, can’t remember) but after 16 years visiting there, first time I ever saw that. I’m thankful the Amish are doing whatever they can to avoid being hit if possible. In hilly areas, winding roads, it really gives you more peace to not be afraid of hitting them while you’re driving.

      May I get in on the contest? I don’t have Lance’s aversion! LOL

    13. MaryEtta

      A group of us go to Arthur every year on the Columbus day holiday. Am looking forward to it and your pictures make me more anxious to go. I especially liked the picture of the school kids playing soccer. I am nearly out of clear jel, so need to stock up. Enjoy your vacation!

    14. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      Off topic question (Richard’s blog)

      I don’t want to win the prize, thanks. But I wanted to ask the group, particularly those who go over to Richard’s “Amish Stories”, did you find that he locked up the reply option on the most recent blog entry, the one about “9/11”. I wanted to post a reply there, but couldn’t. I scrolled down to the recent one about whoopie pies too, and found it didn’t have any replies. Anyone else curious about this, or did he just decide not to miss much in way of replies.

      1. Lissa Holder

        Hi Slightly- Handled-Order Man, I am replying to your comment. I think that he is waiting for Jean’s Post so we can put our comments their. And as far as the Whoopie Pie posts, if you scroll down past all the pictures you will see a place to post comments there. I have made a couple myself. This is just what I think (0: Be Blessed Lissa

    15. Deb Posthuma

      Views of Northern Amish

      When i go to Napanee, I love to watch the Amish. Many of them are very skilled in their culinary, wood working, and metal works. I love it when some of our Amish friends in Mi show me their quilting projects…Their cooking skills are great as well…the best cookies and pies and jams…or goodness!

      Erik, one of the Amish friends was showing me the weights of the materials how they differ from summer to winter…very light in summer..heavy in winter. They are great seamstress’s I would sew buttons on clothes instead of using common pins OUCH!

    16. Tina

      love the pictures

      I really like most other commentors love the clothes line photo. I hang my clothes out to save electricity. That clothes line is so high! I love all the beautiful horses and the kids playing soccer. I think the Amish have the right idea about life, the pictures always look to idealic, peaceful. Makes me want to turn off the t.v. and go take a walk. 🙂

    17. Thank you so much for the photos of Indiana Amish. I’m originally from central Indiana. Unfortunately I did not live near any of the northern or southern Amish communities, but have so much respect for them. I would love to win the Connection magazines. Thanks for providing this giveaway.

    18. Christine

      Clothesline and telephone booth

      I love to hang our clothes outside. The sheets and towels make the house smell so good and relaxing.

      The picture of the phone booth would make a nice 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

    19. ann

      I’m still not sure those bikes are all that great… but I saw a lot of them this summer at Dad and Mom’s!

    20. Teresa Corbin


      Love the photographs of Indiana Amish, I have visited Ohio, Kentucky and Pennsylvania Amish communities, and hope to visit Indiana’s, it is on my bucket list. I love the clothes on the line photo, and the intense colors of the horses in the coral. I enjoy reading your facebook posts and viewing your photographs. Would love to win the magazine give away!

    21. Barbara Michels

      Have been in Topeka Indiana, Just loved it. Also we stayed at our Amish friends in Lagrange. I feel right at home when I’m with then. Would love to win a copy of the magazine giveaway.

    22. Allyson L

      Lovely pictures...hard to pick a fav..

      I have to say all the buggies and then all the kids playing in the field are my fav’s in a true tie! I love to see the kids frolicking and being kids but I love to see a bunch of buggies cause with a bunch of buggies caomes a bunch of Amish!!

      Thanks for sharing these excellent photos!

      1. Sharon

        Variety of Buggies on this website

        YES, I too love the many pictures of the wide variety of buggies, wagons, carts, etc…..on our fall trip last year, to Lancaster, PA and southern Indiana, cutting through Ohio, we saw different kinds, and at that time didn’t know that each “district” has different ones. I remember when I saw the “first” one in Ohio, my husband said I almost jumped out of my seat, on seeing the FIRST Amish buggy go by!!! I really thought I had gone back in time!! Being a native Floridian, seeing all of the Amish culture and scenery, was so exciting!! Since then, I have learned much about the Plain people, right here on Amish America! I really enjoy it so much!

    23. Heres Hope

      Missing my childhood when I look at these photos . . . .

    24. Heres Hope

      The great photos make me miss my childhood . . . .

    25. Shawn


      Hey, everybody!!! Guess what??? Well, Lord-willing, hopefully, I’m guna be moving to New Wilmington, PA. soon. Jesus is so good to me. So far, so good, everything is working out beautifully. I’m really happy about it. The apartment I’m hoping to get, the Amish drive by in their buggies all day long. They’re so nice! And speaking of clotheslines, there were these post cards I saw in the Apple Castle (anybody been there?), and there were these cute Amish kids playing ball, and I actually drove by the actual spot where that photograph was taken, and sure enough, it was exactly how it looked in the post card! And there’s this one farm on the way to my place, they have all their blue clothes hung out on the laundry line! Oh, it’s SO BEAUTIFUL, and I am SO HAPPY!!!! Jesus ROCKS!!! 🙂

    26. Valerie

      Jesus IS the Rock

      Hey Shawn,
      God is so good, I agree. It’s great to hear you’re submitting to His will for your future. You are moving to an Amish area in much need of prayer as they have been in the news as of late for terrible sin, and have had tragic sin in their history-so please be open to being used of the Lord there-because many are hurt, by adults in the community who seem to continue to look the other way, while women & children are being hurt. Pray, that God can use YOU in their lives.

    27. Lissa Holder

      Hi Erik

      Ach! I have never been to Indiana. But If I had, by looking at these pictures it would be hard to say. The clothes line is beautiful, I also like to hang my clothes, the buggies look fun to ride in,the sun sets and rises are beautiful not to mention their barns and houses. I would really like to ride on one of those Amish scooters, I think I could stay on one of those, but not sure hehe. I am hoping to make it to Lancaster one day or Ohio. Who knows maybe even Indiana. Be blessed, Lissa

    28. pat davis

      love going to the shipshewana and arthur areas,i now live in ok. and enjoy the millers dinners in chouteau! i read every amish book i can get thanks so much Pat

    29. Emily

      My husband and I honeymooned in MI about an hour from Elkhart, IN. At the insistence of his great aunt, we took a day trip to Elkhart and ate at a little Amish restaurant. It was wonderful. I can’t wait to go back!

    30. Cindy Elliott

      Love the clothesline!

      Love the clothesline!

      There’s nothing like hanging vintage linens on the line after washing. Gives them a nice fresh smell. Great for new stuff too. I’d love to get a photo of quilts on an Amish clothesline.


    31. Karen dP

      Request & Comment

      My comment: I’d like to share a memorable experience if I may. A couple of years ago I was in Goshen enjoying a visit with lapsed Amish & Mennonite relatives for the first time in years. As we stopped to get a cup of coffee I looked out the window to see a young red cheeked Amishman driving his rig hell-bent-for-leather right through the center of town. (The only other time I saw a horse & wagon go that fast was at a rodeo in Calgary & I honestly think the man from Goshen had ’em all beat)! Oh & he was beardless, so he was unmarried — like most “hotrodders”, I’d guess.
      My request: If the photographer has no objection I’d like to try to paint those Belgians. They are some beautiful horseflesh. Thanks!

    32. Sharon

      White Barn and Belgians Photo

      I have a question on the photo of the white barn, group of Belgian Horses — I see a white Utility trailer backed up to the barn. Is that an “Amish” modified trailer or is this maybe a Mennonite farm? I have read that Amish do convert modern equipment into modified ones that can be towed by their wagons, buggies or their horses. Is this possibly that type? Just curious. Enjoy all the photos of this area!
      Love the Amish countryside! So serene! Sharon

    33. Hello from vacation

      Just a quick check-in–glad to see the nice comments from everyone. Vacation is good, miss the posting, but family time can’t be beat 🙂

      And just a quick note to Sharon above–some Amish own vehicles that can only be towed by cars–small campers are another example. They wouldn’t own the automobile of course but might have the towable accessory to be used on certain occasions. Another example–while in Indiana I saw a pretty large boat at an Amish place that wasn’t going to get towed by any horse and buggy.

      1. Sharon

        Reply re Utility Trailer backed up to barn

        THANK YOU for responding so quickly…..by all means take time for family! BUT, that does clear up the mystery….I’m learning so much on this website. Keep up the good work. Sharon

    34. Richard Nedrow

      Living in Northern Indiana

      This is a great post about Northern Indiana. I live about 20 miles South-East of Napanee and we love to travel there all the time. One of the greatest parts about Northern Indiana is the Amish communities. To see people living a simple lifestyle helps us realize that there is no need to run the rat race. Thanks for the post!

    35. Michele Moore

      Amish farms

      I love to see how beautifully kept Amish farms are. And whenever I’m hurrying and scurrying about trying to get too many things done, and probably not as well as if I’d taken more time, I think of the Amish. How they take their time and do their tasks with excellence, as unto the Lord.

    36. Linda Smith

      Just got back home to NC yesterday from a vacation in Holmes Co. Ohio. We saw many clothes on lines, barns, and belgians up there just like the pictures. Very beautiful place and your pictures are too.

    37. Donald Hausmann


      I loved the picture of the Amish Carrage with horse. I also believe with my whole heart that everyone should take note of the Amish way of life and their beliefs. This would undoubtably be a better world.

      1. Sharon

        Agree on listening to the Amish

        You hit the nail on the head!! Life was pretty much “simple” before “Industrialization” came about…..then after that, we had new inventions that would get a “job” done faster, thus giving more free time, to “explore” new ways of entertaining ourselves, (TV’s, radios, etc) more freedoms, with a decline in families being together, and you know the rest! As a woman in my 60’s, I have a lot of these memories, even though we were not Amish, that my mother continued to do in the 1940’s-50’s!! (Yes, my mom had a wringer washer and hung her laundry on a clothesline, when I was a child!) With each generation, society has gone in a different direction, with some people not knowing much about ‘self sufficiency’, that our ancestors knew, which is a shame.

        Maybe that is why I like reading this Newsletter! It brings back memories of a “simple” life and allows me to “slow up” and enjoy the many photos and stories on this site! Glad I “happened upon it”, by accident!! Sharon

    38. Vicki Lynch

      Amish in Indiana

      I love all of the pictures. Sometimes I wish I had been brought up Amish. I love the plain look, the cleanliness, the routines and schedules. I’ve been to Indiana but never made it to the Amish area. I was in the service so I was there to take some classes. I believe that the simple life is the way to go and I am working on that myself right now.

    39. Jan-o

      N.I.A & giveaway

      Thanks, Erik for how you give substance to my imagination of Amish living by your many graphic pictures. I study out each one for all the details I can enjoy. May you have a happy vacation with your family~ I do wonder if it is taking you nearer or farther from Amish. Which makes me wonder again, if your wife shares your passion for our Plain People population.
      Thanks for another give away and a chance to win:)

    40. Jan-o

      weird title

      Seems something got distorted in transit of my Comment Title above..
      It was only N.I.A. & giveaway

      Just had to clarify 🙂

    41. Sue Laitinen

      What a bike! At first I wasn’t sure what it was. Not so sure how comfortable it would be though… Love seeing all the pics Eric.

    42. Carysa Mendoza

      Just beginning to enjoy learning about the Amish life, and I love your blog!

    43. Slightly-handled-Order-man

      Preemptive welcome back, Erik

      Let me among the first to wish Erik an early “welcome back”, and I hope you enjoyed your time off. If I had your job, and got to hang out and do the things you describe yourself as doing “in your job”, I wouldn’t see the job as work, more its doing what you like so what if it’s work.

      Oh, and I still don’t want the prize, don’t draw me, thanks.

    44. Theresa

      Enjoy your blog

      I recently found your blog and FB page. I am enjoying them very much! My family loves to visit Holmes County Ohio as we have been blessed with wonderful Amish friends there. Keep up the great work sharing Amish settlements nationwide. My husband’s favorite photo would have to be the one with the gentleman riding the recumbent bicycle. My husband hopes to get his own someday!

    45. Sharon

      Welcome back!

      Welcome back and hope you enjoyed time with family and friends! Guess it’s ‘back to work’ for you, but your job seems so much fun, and always discovering new places! Keep the photos coming — they are most interesting–a peek into the lives of Amish! Wish I was in Lancaster County, this year, but little short on funds for a trip as far as that! It’s a 1000 miles from us! Keep up the good work on this site! It’s the first thing I open up in my “INBOX” every morning! Thanks!

    46. Susan

      Traveling to Berne area

      Next week we are traveling to Auburn, Indiana, which is near Berne and Grabill. I believe all three are Amish communities. Does anyone know much about these communities like where to eat, places to visit, good place to stay? I posted this on a shorter thread before I found this one. I hope someone can help.

    47. Tonya

      Wow! The photo of the sun in the clouds is amazing!

    48. Oh, now I can hardly wait for our trip to Shipshewana in June for the Quilt Fest. We will also be going to the Topeka Quilt Show, My husband ia a “saint” for bringing me all the way from Ontario!! LOL
      We have done the 90 mile tour of the Living Quilts but will likely do it again this year, seeing many of the little towns. We are staying at a B and B called Big House in the Little Woods in Middlebury, amongst the Amish farmlands. Feel the atmosphere, peace and friendliness of the Amish, go to the flea market….
      Even going to an Amish quilting bee this year. AND going to Blue Gate for the meal and to hear a gospel concert. One of our favorite vacation spots.

    49. Aaron Perkins

      Draft horses picture

      I really like the picture of the horses but what really caught my eye was the gray barn in the background. I love driving through Amish country and looking at horses and barns. I have seen quite a few Amish in Geuaga county Ohio with reflective bands on the horses legs and reflective covers on the bridles. While I’m not Amish I do use the same on my horse and buggy at night. Thanks for all the posts I enjoy the pictures and the comments.