In today’s video Amish Cook editor Kevin Williams gives us a peek into Mary’s Bakery in the Hardin County, Ohio Amish community (we recently saw another video from Kevin here of a toy and furniture business in this same community).

As Kevin notes, it is a quite small bakery, but one chock full of nice things to eat – homemade cinnamon rolls, cookies such as peanut butter and oatmeal, pies, fudge, snack mix, and other goodies.

And also something I’d never heard of – jello cookies.

There are also canned goods, popcorn, and other non-baked items to eat.

Besides the store, you also get a look of the ovens and work space where Mary and co. do their prep and baking.

If I were Amish and had some sort of business at my home, I think a bakery would be one of the nicest choices.

And not just for the obvious reason of always having a lot of goodies around. If you enjoy interacting with people these are the types of places where you have a lot of contact with regular customers.

Not to mention, bakery smells might be the very best smells.

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