It’s been over five years since my Amish business book (Success Made Simple: An Inside Look At Why Amish Businesses Thrive) was released, and it’s neat to still bump into people who’ve read it or at least heard of it šŸ™‚ I recently met someone in the latter groupĀ fromĀ Portugal, of all places.

amish-farm-egg-businessIn a nutshell, I interviewed 60 Amish entrepreneurs and then distilled their wisdom into an easy-to-read business manual. Ideas which made the cutĀ includeĀ the importance of trust, humility in management, and getting family involved in the business.

Recently on, contributor Sandi Krakowski shared her own list of 5 business success ideas based on Amish practices. You’ll find them below in short form with my summaries, and you can read the full article here.

IĀ didn’t emphasize all of these ideas in Success Made Simple, but there is definitely some overlap. Some good common sense in Sandi’s list:

  1. Don’t market or sell anything you don’t believe in – Otherwise you’ll ruin your good name, and worse, weigh down your conscience.
  2. Care about people deeply – This shines through in customer service and hospitality.
  3. Do things differently than everyone else – We pay attention to the Amish because they stand out (usually for good reasons).
  4. Remain in touch with your clients – Serve others and treat them like family.
  5. Work hard when everyone else is sleepingĀ – Hard work gives you an edge over those who letĀ themselves be distracted.

I know a lot of us have bought things fromĀ Amish shops and stores,Ā or had other business relationships with them.

For anyone who’s done business with the Amish–why do you think they are successful?

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